How the university is unique

How NAU might differ than the school or university you are coming from...


NAU has high academic standards.  Expect an increase in academic rigor.  Students use:

Blackboard Learn—how NAU does online classes and online resources for in-person classes.

Supplemental Instruction— these are for students taking historically difficult classes.  These are available to all students enrolled in the class. 

MyNAU —where all of your NAU services are located.  For helpful tips on using MyNAU.

Another thing to be aware of when coming to NAU from another institution is Reading Week and Finals Week.  Reading Week and Finals week have specific guidelines and schedules for everyone (especially Finals Week.)

Northern Arizona Weather & Environment

Living in Flagstaff—Did you know we get about 300 days of sunshine a year?

SNOW—in the winter we get snow, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot!  It’s very cold in the winter so make sure you get yourself a GOOD winter jacket.  This is something to consider when thinking about where to live in Flagstaff as commuting to the university in the snow is not always easy. The university will close in an rare and extreme weather situation, make sure you sign up for the alerts.   The alert system will also let you know about other emergency situations on campus.

The National Weather Service Forecast for Flagstaff is very helpful resource, you might want to bookmark it on your computer. 

Reilly Hall also has a webcam which is helpful for seeing what the weather on campus is like hourly.  This is also an excellent source to help you plan in the winter season. 

Wind—Spring and early summer are very windy and chilly here.

“Outdoorsy” -   Flagstaff has many outdoor resources if you like to be outside or spend time in nature, then this is the place for you. NAU is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest close to the Grand Canyon and borders the Navajo Nation—all of which have a wealth of beautiful places to explore when you’re not in class. 

Living at 7,000 feet can be an adjustment, if you are moving here from lower than 4,000 ft. make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest while your body acclimates to the altitude.

Flagstaff Community

Flagstaff might be a small town compared to others, but we have an active, vibrant community with many different types of activities and events for everyone!

Downtown  - Downtown Flagstaff on historic Route 66  is a short walk from Northern Arizona University.  There are many  great restaurants, historic hotels, bars, and is the home of Heritage Square.

Music Venues— Flagstaff Live,Orpheum Theater, Museum Club, The Green Room, and the Pepsi Ampitheater.

Art Community—Coconino Center for the Arts,  Museum of Northern Arizona, First Friday Art Walk and Flagstaff Open Studio Tour.

Parks/Hiking—Flagstaff has many so parks and hiking areas that it’s difficult to put together a complete list.  There are some great places to be and play outside in Flagstaff!

NAU Community

Distance between classes and parking on campus—NAU has walking and biking paths, but since it is a fairly large campus—plan for it to take about 20 minutes to get from South Campus to North Campus.   For more information about biking and parking on campus please check out NAU’s Parking and Shuttle Services.   In addition, if you plan on using a car while at NAU, whether you live on-campus or off—you will need a parking permit to park your car on campus.  The Parking and Shuttle Services link has more information.

JacksCard—This is your NAU student ID—you can use it for a variety of things from accessing residence halls, and checking materials out at the library.  With it you are also able to use it for various campus dining options.  The JacksDebitExpress(JDE), is designed specifically for on-campus purchases.  It allows you to add money to your account using Visa, MasterCard, cash or check.

Dining Options—Transfer students or commuter students can choose from any meal plan option, including Dining Dollars. 

Clubs and Organizations— NAU has many ways to get involved, even with a busy schedule—from video game club, Tau Sigma, clubs for your major, Greek Life to Student Government—there’s a group for you! 

HLC— The Health and Learning Center is an amazing new facility that brings students together for recreation, health and learning. 

Study Abroad—Have you ever wanted to study in Australia or Spain?  NAU also has the opportunity for students to study abroad.

Getting Connected & Involved

Being involved on campus is an important part of being an NAU Lumberjack!  Studies have shown that students who are involved on campus actually do better than students who are not.  Even those with the busiest schedules can find ways to be involved in the NAU community.



Student Resources

Tutoring, study skills, help with writing, time management, test taking and so much more!  Student Learning Centers

Another helpful list of student resources

NAU Athletics

Recreational Services—Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs

NAU Bookstore

Louie Training—These are very helpful tutorials for learning all you need to know about Louie, like adding and dropping classes!