Baccalaureate honors at graduation

Latin Honors for the commencement ceremony are calculated from your current cumulative GPA. You can view your cumulative GPA from your unofficial transcript, which you can access through your LOUIE Student Center.

To obtain baccalaureate honors, you must complete 45 or more credit hours at Northern Arizona University and have an exemplary GPA with no more than six units of failing grades for the entire undergraduate record, regardless of whether the failing grades were unrepeated, repeated, replaced, or averaged.

Appropriate GPA thresholds will be college specific. GPA thresholds are recalculated for each calendar year using data from the preceding calendar year. 

For each graduation period, Summa Cum Laude will be awarded to candidates whose cumulative GPA meets or exceeds the five percent threshold for their college.  Magna Cum Laude will be awarded to candidates whose cumulative GPA meets or exceeds the ten percent threshold for their college, and Cum Laude to candidates whose cumulative grade point average meets or exceeds the 20 percent threshold for their college.

GPA requirements for Honors at graduation

Spring 2013 through Winter 2013

College     Cum LaudeMagna Cum LaudeSumma Cum Laude
Arts & Letters3.823.903.97
W.A. Franke College of Business3.553.753.89
Engineering Forestry & Natural Sciences3.733.903.97
Health & Human Services3.863.964.00
Social & Behavioral Sciences3.683.873.95
Extended Campuses - Department of Business and Administration3.553.753.89
Extended Campuses - Department of Public Agency Management3.683.873.95

Baccalaureate honors designations by student names in commencement programs are tentative until all final grades are reported.