James A. Allen, PHD

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  • Executive Director, School of Forestry

Subject-matter expertise

  • Management and Restoration of Forested Wetlands
  • Ecology
  • International Forestry


With Northern Arizona University since 2006, Dr. Allen is a professor and the Executive Director of the School of Forestry. His diverse research background includes fieldwork in southern Africa (Swaziland), bottomland hardwood forests and coastal baldcypress swamps of the Lower Mississippi Valley, mangrove swamps of Hawaii and Micronesia, and upland forests of the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.

Prior to his arrival at NAU, he served for six years as the Dean of the Forestry, Natural Resources and Recreation Division at Paul Smith’s College.  He also worked for 10 years as a research ecologist/forester for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Louisiana and for almost five years as a research ecologist/forester for the U.S. Forest Service in Hawaii, in both cases specializing in the ecology, management, and restoration of forested wetlands. 

Dr. Allen has authored more than 70 professional publications on forested wetlands, international forestry, and other topics.  Earlier in his career, he served for three years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland, where he also conducted field research for his Master’s thesis.  He has degrees from Paul Smith’s College (AAS in Pre-Professional Forestry, 1978), Virginia Tech (BS in Forestry and Wildlife, 1980), Cornell University (MS in Natural Resource Policy and Planning, 1986) and Louisiana State University (PhD in Forest Ecology, 1994).  Dr. Allen is currently the Policy Chair of the Southwest Section of the Society of American Foresters and President-Elect of the National Association of University Forest Resource Programs. 


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  • Dr. Allen's publications are also listed at Google Scholar.

Special groups and committees

  • Southwest Section of the Society of American Foresters (Policy Chair)
  • National Association of University Forest Resource Programs (President-Elect)


  • A.A.S., Paul Smith's College, 1978
  • B.S., Virginia Tech, 1980
  • M.S., Cornell University, 1986
  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1994

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