United Greek Council

Northern Arizona University's United Greek Council (UGC) serves as the governing body for all fraternities/sororities that identify as multicultural and/or have organizing principles that celebrate traditionally underrepresented students.

This council functions in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Northern Arizona University United Greek Council.  The Greek Life Graduate Assistant and the Assistant Director of Greek Life advise the UGC.

 The council is made up of:

  • an executive board
  • six chapter presidents
  • six United Greek Council delegates representing each UGC chapter 


United Greek Council meetings are held weekly on Tuesday nights in the Mountain View Hall Study Room at 7 p.m. If you would like to attend or be on the agenda, please contact the Greek Life Graduate Assistant for IFC and UGC, Bill Distler.

2014 United Greek Council Executive Board


Priscilla Rivera (Gamma Alpha Omega)
E-mail: pmr49@nau.edu
Angelo Perez (Lambda Phi Epsilon)
Vice President
E-mail: agp43@nau.edu
Hannah Schertenlieb (Gamma Rho Lambda) 
E-mail: hrs49@nau.edu
Stephanie Mendizabal (Kappa Delta Chi) 
E-mail: spm69@nau.edu
Tyler Miranda (Lambda Pi Epsilon)
Community Relations
E-mail: tm479@nau.edu
Victor Ruiz (Omega Delta Phi)
Housing Coordinator
E-mail: vr98@nau.edu
Ethan Fukawa (Lambda Phi Epsilon)
E-mail: ef343@nau.edu
Jae'L Evans (Gamma Rho Lambda)
E-mail: jke39@nau.edu
Wyuaquinne "Wy" Johnson (Delta Chi Lambda)
E-mail: wj59@nau.edu
Jette Croney (Gamma Rho Lambda)
E-mail: bmc267@nau.edu