Graduate Student Government travel award program


Travel Awards


**Due to budgetary constraints and the popularity of this program, starting November, 2015, GSG will only be able to award travel funds for students with the following stipulations:

  • Research based programs – only funded if you are PRESENTING. 
  • Non-research based program - considered based on the professional development opportunity/conference you are attending

Travel awards range from $75 to $200, depending several factors, including:

  • the value of the presentation to the student and Northern Arizona University
  • whether the conference is international, national, or regional
  • whether or not the student applied for other funding
  • quality of the application, including typos and missing information
  • whether the costs are reasonable and well-explained

Travel Award Requirements


The travel award is available to:

•     degree‐seeking graduate students only
•     students in good academic standing

•     students who have not previously been awarded during the same academic year

Students who are traveling together to the same event may submit a group application. Awards received through the group application count towards the one travel award per academic year. All students who are part of the group application must have the same role at the conference (i.e., presenting or attending)

Application Process


All applications must be submitted electronically by filling out the Graduate Student Government travel award application. Once complete, hit the “Submit” button. Complete applications are reviewed no later than the 15th of each month, for travel after the 1st of the following month. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to provide lead time for planning and taking advantage of early bird registration fees and savings on airline tickets/hotel accommodations. Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the application form.

Applications must have be completely filled out (quality of information will be taken into consideration). 

To have a complete application, applicants' faculty/department sponsor must submit an email directly to indicating support of applicant travel.

Click here for the funding rubric. 

Sending In Your Completed Application


Applicants should submit their electronic application for review after they completely fill out the online form. 

Applications will be reviewed by a Graduate Student Government-appointed committee.

Eligible Costs


Funding may only be used to cover the following costs:
• transportation to and from the conference or research site
• lodging (but not food)
• conference/competition registration fees



We distribute awards on a reimbursement basis (e.g., after you have traveled and submitted acceptable receipts).

You will need to work with your department travel specialist to receive your reimbursement. Please contact them prior to your travel to complete paperwork that might be necessary prior to your travel in order to receive your travel reimbursement award. You will submit your receipts to your department travel representative for allowable expenses.

Other Travel Award Opportunities


We also encourage you to apply to the Office of the Provost: University College for travel funding.

For more information, please contact our representatives at
** Please allow 2-3 business days for a thoughtful response to your question or concern. **