Textbook Adoptions

Oct 15th 2013 is the deadline for the spring semester!

Benefits of ordering on time
1. Save students money
2. Increase student success
3. Reduce fossil fuels
4. It’s the law (HEOA 2008)

How you can help
1. Order online by the deadline (Oct 15th)
a. Link to “How to submit online adoptions” .doc
2. Explore the available course material options
a. See below or contact Jill Christensen – Jill.Christensen@nau.edu
3. Consider “adopting” a textbook for multiple semesters
a. Committing to using a textbook for multiple semesters can reduce student costs and fossil fuels
4. Explore “open textbooks” open.umn.edu
a. These are “free” textbooks
5. Develop a textbook ordering structure within your college
a. The most successful departments and colleges have someone responsible for textbook ordering

Questions to consider
1. Do you integrate your textbook into your homework assignments?
2. Do you feel that your chosen text reinforces your lectures and satisfies curriculum standards?
3. Does cost play a factor in your course material selections?
4. Have you explored other course material options

Course material options
1. Textbooks
2. Course packets
3. Digital textbooks
4. Copyright clearances
5. Rental program
6. Books “includED” in course fee
7. Adopt a textbook for next semester or year
8. “Open” textbooks - open.umn.edu

How to submit your adoptions using the online adoption tool for new users

Go to the bookstore’s website:  www.nau.bkstr.com

 Scroll to the bottom of the home page.  Under Faculty Services select ‘Online Adoptions’.

If you have used the online adoption tool before put your email and password into the sign on screen.  If you have not used the online adoption tool before scroll down below the sign on box and click on the blue box that says ‘New? Register Here’.

Your bookstore supplied password will be ‘1008’.  The system will have you update this password and set up a security question to answer in case you forget the password in the future.

You will be asked to provide information about who you are and what your contact information is- *IMPORTANT*- you will be asked to provide a role and you can select ‘approver’ or ‘submitter’.  Please select approver- this ensures that the adoption will go directly to the bookstore.  (If you select submitter, your adoption will hang out waiting for another person’s approval prior to being sent to the bookstore.  This function is geared for campuses where departments and or deans need to approve your title selection prior to being submitted to the bookstore.)

 Select ‘Order Course Materials’

Select ‘New Order’

Select your institution and campus, term, department, course number and section from the drop down menus

You can search for your book information by ISBN, Title, Author, etc.  Once you find and select all of your titles for a course you will be asked to designate if they are required, recommended or listed as a choice for students.

Need Help?  Call us at the NAU text desk Monday – Friday 8AM-5 PM at 523-6670, 523-6671 or 523-6672 or send us an email at 1008txt@fheg.follett.com