Programs and Events

Spirit Shirts

Every year students are given the opportunity to vote on the spirit shirt.  The spirit shirt is free to all students, and gives students a way to show their spirit all year long. 


The student tailgates, sponsored by ASNAU, and are an opportunity for students and student groups to get excited before the football games. Groups can apply for a tailgate spot in the ASNAU office and are welcome to bring food, and games. Tailgates are an essential tradition that ASNAU upholds to show our team support and offer a place to celebrate being a Lumberjack before the home games begin. 

Undie Run

The “Undie Run” is a philanthropic and exciting event that ASNAU puts on for the student body. Students are able to come, donate their clothes, and then let loose as they run through campus wearing only undergarments.

Make a Difference Day 

Make a Difference Day is a national day for service that ASNAU and Project GIVE produce on campus and within the Flagstaff community. ASNAU arranges for students and student groups to go to several different organizations around Flagstaff and give their time for community service. 

Equality Week

Equality Week is a week-long event that ASNAU puts on, in conjunction with several other clubs on campus, to promote equality within religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. ASNAU brings events, speakers, and workshops to campus to provide students an opportunity to learn and engage with other students about equality. 

The Lumberyard

The Lumberyard is the student section of every home Lumberjack sporting event. ASNAU sponsors giveaways and works closely with Athletics to provide things like t-shirts, foam fingers, rally towels and stadium horns. 


Every October ASNAU presents a free of charge carnival for NAU students and faculty. The carnival is host to numerous rides, attractions, and food vendors.

The '23 Fee' Spring Concert

The '23 Fee' spring concert is a concert that is voted on by the students. There is no charge to go, and tickets are available until they run out. Past concerts have been, Mackelmore, Ellie Goulding, Wiz Khalifa and Ke$ha.