Statement Regarding Assembly

Philosophy Related to Rallies, Demonstrations, Marches, Etc. 

The right to freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment and is upheld by the Arizona Board of Regents and Northern Arizona University. Northern Arizona University supports the free expression of individual and group views on a variety of topics. The creation and maintenance of productive environments within which this expression and exchange of ideas can take place is an important mission for the university. While the issues and topics may vary and at times be controversial, it is the expectation of the university that members of the university community (students, faculty, staff, and guests) would respect the right of others to freely express their opinions, beliefs and views. The university recognizes the importance of and the right to freedom of speech, including the right to assemble, to march, and other rights related to the expression of thoughts and ideas. Related to its role of creating and maintaining a conducive atmosphere for the free expression of views, the university recognizes the importance of organizing events so that they can be carried out in a positive and safe way. It is for this reason, that the following guidelines have been established. These guidelines exist to ensure that the free exchange of ideas within the university community can take place in a productive and non-threatening manner.

Procedures Related to the Organization of Individual and Group Events 

I. Prior to sponsoring a rally, demonstration, march or other group event, the organization representative must complete the appropriate Permit (which is available in the Office of Student Life, Room 105 of the University Union). The purpose of this form is to provide information pertaining to time and location of the event; purpose of the event; sponsor of the event as well as types of activities to be included at the event. 

II. The Permit must be reviewed by a member of the Office of Student Life. Prior to approval, staff will meet with the individual(s) requesting the permit. It is at this meeting that such issues as dates, times and location will be discussed. Additionally, concerns related to amplified sound, the potential for disruption of the mission of the institution as well as safety and security issues will be addressed. Representatives from other offices on campus may be requested to attend this meeting, in an effort to provide information regarding planning and logistics.

III. Sponsoring organizations are asked to be responsible for the following items: 

1. That the event not block entries, exits, walkways, roadways or otherwise hinder the free flow of traffic (both pedestrian and roadway traffic). 
2. That the event not disrupt the educational mission of the university. This means that all precautions need to be taken related to amplified sound, locations and times of the event related to academic classrooms on campus, and other such activities that might otherwise disrupt the campus environment. 
3. That policies related to sponsoring events on-campus be upheld. (Please review the following sections of the Student Handbook: Social Events Policy, Advertising Policy, Policy on Off-Campus Speakers, State Law on Campus Disorder, Student Code of Conduct) 

Contact the Office of Student Life, University Union, Room 105, 928-523-5181, for the Permit Form that accompanies these guidelines.