Academic policies

Majors (“Plans” or “Undergraduate Degrees”)

For a list of majors, please visit Degree Search or Undergraduate Degrees Offered.

To change majors, fill out the Major/Minor/Certificate Change form located on the Registrar’s website and take it to the College of your major.

Adding and dropping a class

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Adding a Course - Policy Number 100301; Dropping a Course - Policy Number 100305

Credit hours

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number - 100814  

Academic Integrity

Please visit the Academic Catalog:  Academic Integrity Is Essential.

Course Enrollment

Please visit the Academic Catalog:  Policy Numbers - 100306; 100308; 100310   

"A"—pass/fail policy

Please visit the Academic Catalog:  Policy Numbers -  100406100411, 100412

Auditing a class

Please visit the Academic Catalog:  Policy Number - 100303

Class attendance

You are responsible for regularly attending all courses for which you are enrolled. 
Should an absence from class be unavoidable, you are responsible for reporting the reason to your instructors. (Be aware that Campus Health Services does not provide documentation of your health problems.) In addition, you are responsible for making up any work you miss. Your instructors are under no obligation to make special arrangements for you if you are absent. 

You should know that Arizona Board of Regents’ policy forbids discrimination because of your religious beliefs or practices or any absences resulting from them. In addition, you cannot be discriminated against for seeking a religious accommodation pursuant to this policy.

The Office of Student Life and Campus Health Services do not issue excuses for health or personal reasons. Only the instructor may "excuse" an absence except for Institutional Excuses for activities such as athletic events or other university sponsored activities which are approved by the Office of the Associate Provost-Undergraduate Studies, or the Office of Student Life.

Please note that a student served through the office of Disability Resources may qualify for an attendance policy modification. View the Attendance Modification policy for more information.

See also Policy Number -  100337 for First Year Students and 100335 for Graduate Students 

Course overload

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Numbers 100316 for Undergraduate students and 100324 for Graduate students

Incomplete policy

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number 100404

Grade replacement policy

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number 100315

Credit by Exam

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number 100224

Advanced placement

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number 100224

Grade appeal 

A student has the right to petition for review of a course grade. Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number 100105

Probation (Probation - Academic)

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Numbers 100313, 100319, and 100328.

Probation - Disciplinary

Students whose behavior has been determined to be in violation of the Code of Conduct or local, state, or federal law, may be subject to a review of their relationship with the university. The Office of Student Life may impose disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

Honors program

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number - 100503.

Finals Week/Final Exams policies

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number - 100410

NAU is committed to the academic success of our students. The Finals Week/Final Exams policy has been developed to ensure that students are not overly burdened at the end of the term with non-academic activities and to ensure that final exams are administered as specified on the Registrar’s Office Final Exam Schedule. Finals Week refers to the last week of the term, and the dates are defined in the Registrar’s calendar. This policy applies to both graduate and undergraduate programs and applies to regular 16-week and short-format classes that end during Finals Week.

With regard to student organizations, the Finals Week/Final Exams policy states:

“Student groups and organizations are not to schedule concerts, major social events, or any activity that might conflict with academic studies or finals, except on weekends. Events scheduled by parties external to the university that require attendance by NAU students are exempt from this policy.”

Student Life interprets this policy to mean that student organizations may not hold events, including regular weekly meetings, during finals week or the week before finals week except on weekends. This applies to both on-campus and off-campus student organization activities.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Title IX/ADA

For more information, please visit the Equity and Access Office:

Northern Arizona University
Old Main, room 113
P.O. Box 408
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4083

Phone: 928-523-3312
Fax: 928-523-9977
TDD: 928-523-1006

Please visit Human Resources Policy Manual: - Policy Number - 1.02


Guidelines for Open Forums:
The university has provided the framework whereby issues may be discussed as long as certain conditions are met by those in charge. The purposes of any and all meetings should embody by action, as well as by direction, the enhancement of the university purposes as historically accepted. Such sessions should involve the presentations of various sides of any question being discussed. 

Discussion should be held in a scholarly and intellectual manner and in good taste in the eyes of the individuals who make up the university faculty. The chairperson of the forum or panel, and ultimately the officer(s) of the organization sponsoring such a forum, carry the responsibility to see that such procedures are carried out. 

It is believed that an open forum for discussing issues of this type provides freedom for the students and faculty to participate and express their views in a setting where many points of view may be presented.

Record holds

Holds are placed on student records because they have an outstanding financial obligation to the university, have not satisfied a condition of admission, or have an administrative or probationary hold. 

When a hold is placed on a record, official transcripts will not be issued for that student and graduation and all registration privileges will be automatically suspended. The hold remains on the student's record until it is removed by the initiating office. Financial holds are cleared by the Bursar's Office. Manual holds are to be cleared by the office of origination (i.e. Campus Health Services, Cline Library, Recreation Center, Student Life, etc). It is the student's responsibility to clear the conditions causing the hold.

Religious observation and practice, accommodation of

Please visit the "Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual, Chapter 1-Academic Policies" under #119 Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment.

Residency classification for tuition purposes

You must establish residency in Arizona before you can pay resident tuition rates. To obtain resident status for tuition purposes, you must meet three requirements:

  • You must physically reside in Arizona for at least twelve consecutive months immediately before the term for which you plan to request residency classification. 
  • You must demonstrate your intent to establish your home in Arizona. Objective evidence of intent to be a resident of Arizona is demonstrated by an absence of ties to your former state of residence for at least twelve months.
  • You must demonstrate your financial independence. For purposes of residency determination, financial independence means you are able to meet your expenses from self-generated funds under your own control. Generally, you will be considered financially independent if you have been supporting yourself for two consecutive years prior to the term for which you plan to request residency classification and have not been claimed as a tax deduction on anyone else’s tax return during that time or if you are a veteran of the United States military. 

Please be aware that you do not gain or lose resident status by attending an out-of-state educational institution. Also be aware that any act considered inconsistent with becoming an Arizona resident (such as voting or maintaining a driver’s license in another state) will result in your being classified as a nonresident.

Please Note: In accordance with Arizona law, any person who is a citizen or legal resident of the US or who is lawfully present in the US may be eligible for specified financial aid from the university.  Arizona law classifies any person who is a US citizen or who has lawful immigration status and is an Arizona resident as an in-state student for tuition purposes.

ABOR Policy on Residency

Transcripts--Registrar's Office

A transcript is the student's official academic record. Transcript copies may be requested online, by mail, or at the Office of the Registrar. Unofficial transcripts are available on Louie.


Tuition and registration fees are that amount paid by the student which supports a portion of total costs. Part of the fees go to the State of Arizona and part remain at the university for services and activities. 

There are times when it is necessary for students to cancel their enrollment or withdraw from the university. Under most circumstances the Registrar will coordinate the withdrawal process. 

In some instances the withdrawal will result in a refund of the balance of fees to the student, based upon the calculated refund schedule. Therefore, it is important to note the following policy on refunds: 

All refunds to the student will be issues less any amounts due the University. This includes charges such as: housing, promissory notes, financial aid, health center, parking, etc.

Withdrawing from the University

Please visit the Academic Catalog: Policy Number - 100325