Judicial hearing: what to expect

The judicial conference is an informal discussion in which the student will be asked to respond to the written allegations against him/her.

The process

When an infraction occurs, a Student Life staff member will review the disciplinary procedures with the student so that the student understands basic procedures and student rights.

This meeting also provides the student with the opportunity to respond to allegations made against him/her. The Student Life staff member will:

  • review the allegations against the student
  • review the information discovered in the investigation
  • ask questions about the information and infraction
  • invite comments from the student

At the end, the staff member will determine if a violation of the Code of Conduct took place and if the student is responsible for the alleged violations.

Formal response and resolution

Most cases are resolved at the time of the judicial hearing; however, a letter will be sent to the student providing a formal response regarding the referral.

Only sanctions of eviction, suspension, or expulsion can be appealed. All other sanctions are final.

Student rights

Referred students are entitled to all rights of privacy and confidentiality specified in the university policies. These rights include:

  • reviewing his/her case file upon submission of a written request to the Office of Student Life
  • receiving assistance from:
    • parents or guardians
    • advisers
    • attorneys
  • having relevant witnesses speak on his/her behalf
  • appealing the final decision of the hearing officer if the decision results in an eviction, suspension, or expulsion¬†