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The following resources will help you maximize your learning capabilities.

Study strategies

These links will help you improve your study strategies:

Help with writing

Have trouble writing? Remedy this with these resources:

Automatically insert references from the Northern Arizona University RefWorks database into your papers and generate formatted bibliographies and manuscripts.

Master time management

Time management plagues even the most successful, but with these templates, you will be on your way to planning ahead:

Reading tips

Don’t let your need for better reading skills get in the way of your studies. Improve them:

Test taking strategies

These websites will give you plenty of tips to succeed in test-taking situations:

Read up on how to master each of these types of tests:

Test anxiety and stress management

It’s a fact of life. We all get anxiety and stressed out, but with these tips you can:

Calculate your grade point average (GPA)

Calculating your GPA is easy with the Gateway Center for Student Success’ tool.

Improve on note-taking

Don’t miss important points discussed in class anymore with these note-taking tips:

Your learning style

To improve your learning capabilities, it is important to understand what learning methods work for you. Take the learning style quiz to know if your learning style is:

  • visual and nonverbal
  • visual and verbal
  • auditory
  • kinesthetic


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