Academic success workshops

Our workshops will help you develop time management skills, become a better writer, study and prepare for tests more effectively, and much more.

Spring 2015 workshop schedule

Click here to view the Spring 2015 workshop calendar. 

If the workshop times do not fit in your schedule, please call the learning specialist at 928-523-5524 to schedule an individual appointment.

Workshop descriptions

Life is Hectic! Let's Make a Plan.

Take charge of your schedule and avoid procrastination. Learn how to make the best use of your class syllabus in order to manage your time effectively, as well as how to plan for relaxation, fun, and academic responsibilities.

Take Charge of Your Academic Success

Your individual learning style influences your study habits. Learn strategies that will maximize your study time, such as reading comprehension and note taking skills, as well understanding professor expectations.

Stop the Cramming!

 Learn test preparation techniques such as a test-taking ritual that can help you prepare for essay and multiple choice exams.

Ahhh...I Need a Break!

Learn how to manage stress and text anxiety with strategies that will help you cope with the demands and expectations of college life. 

Who Wants to Pass the Final?

Stay motivated and focused through an academically challenging time with strategies that focus on how to review a large amount of material and how to devise a study schedule for your finals.

Crack the Textbook Code

Improve retention and reduce repeated readings with strategies to further develop your textbook reading skills.

Put Your Best Pen Forward

Work smarter, not harder. Become an effective note-taker with the skills discussed in this workshop.

Elevate Your Writing

Elevate your writing and turn in university-level papers your instructors want to read.  

8 Habits of Successful College Students

Learn how you can achieve overall academic success by building a strong foundation of study skills and learning strategies. In this workshop you will discover the 8 habits that every college student should make a part of their academic and personal lives.