Fee Waiver Request Information

Many fees are mandatory for Flagstaff campus students. The fee supports recreation services, counseling services, medical services and the Health and Learning Center facility. The Health and Learning Center is a gathering place for students and a center for recreation, health and learning.

Students may request a fee waiver through the fifth week of the spring and fall semesters or the second week of the summer session if they meet the following criteria and can provide sufficient documentation.

  • The student will not be attending classes on the Flagstaff campus for the duration of the semester for which the fee waiver is requested. AND
  • The student resides more than 50 miles from the Flagstaff Campus. AND/OR
  • The student's academic obligations keep him/her more than 50 miles from campus for more than 20 hours per week for the academic semester. OR
  • The student is non-degree seeking and enrolled in no more than 1 class for 3 credits or less. NOTE: An undecided major is not equivalent to non-degree seeking.

When students are involved in research, an internship or student teaching that keeps them >50 miles away from campus, a fee waiver can be requested by contacting the supervising faculty or department, who will forward your information OR by providing documentation to support the criteria listed above.

Please refer to the online Fee Waiver Request Form with instructions as well as the Fee Waiver Flowchart below to guide you through the process. Or, if you prefer, print and submit a hardcopy Fee Waiver Request Form found here.

Fee Waiver Flowchart