SPAC members represent Service Professionals on many different committees across campus. Some of the committees are specific to the mission of the Council and only Council members make up those committees; the others are made up of members from across campus and address a broad range of interests.

SPAC Committees

Supervisory Training
(Brown Bag Lunches)
Kathleen Carpenter, Dylan Rust, Shari Miller
Publicity (Newsletter)Nena Bloom, Chris Greenough, Dan Stoffel
SPAC AmbassadorsNena Bloom, Trevor Luttinen
Service ProjectsYael Bernstein, Suzanne Siler, Mark Young
Annual MeetingYael Bernstein, Stephanie McCarthy, Dan Stoffel
SPAC Leadership AwardKim Knowles, Bernadette Presloid

University Committees

CommitteeMember (s)
Strategic Planning CouncilYael Bernstein
Academic Standards CommitteeKathleen Carpenter
Employee Development Day ConferenceKim Knowles
Classified Staff Advisory CouncilMark Young
Commission on Ethnic DiversityTrevor Luttinen
Commission on the Status of WomenSuzanne Siler
Faculty SenateBernadette Presloid
Benefits Kim Knowles
Commission on Disability Access and DesignDylan Rust
Parking and TransportationNena Bloom
Portal Steering CommitteeDan Stoffel
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transcending Gender, 
Queer, and Ally task Force
Shari Miller