Community Partners

The Center for Sustainable Environments (CSE) is a national leader in university-based sustainability science. Its programs address two critical issues challenging the survival of humanity and other species on this planet:

  1. reducing the impacts of food production, transport and processing on biodiversity, food security, water, and energy consumption
  2. reducing the ecological impacts of energy use, water use, and waste production associated with building, communities, and transportation systems

Coconino County Board of Supervisors
District 1 Supervisor Carl Taylor is a strong supporter of the SUS program. He is also the founder of the Coconino County Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI).

Coconino County SustainableEconomic Development Initiative (SEDI)
SEDI fosters economic opportunities in Coconino County, Arizona, that promote social equity, economic prosperity, and ecological health. SEDI focuses on six types of development where there are significant opportunities for sustainability. For each they have identified:

  • goals
  • strategies
  • action steps
  • additional resources and opportunities

The Diablo Trust is a northern Arizona collaborative grassroots land management team. The Trust began in 1993 when two long-time Arizona ranches, the Bar-T-Bar and the Flying M, asked for assistance from the community to help protect open spaces and healthy habitats.

The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMA) is a user-inspired research, data collection, and dissemination service for the natural and social sciences.

Environmental Communication Resource Center (ECRC) Housed in the Northern Arizona University School of Communication, ECRC promotes scholarship, pedagogy, and public service in all aspects of environmental communication.

The Flagstaff Cultural Partners (FCP) manages the Coconino Center for the Arts and serves as the re-granting organization for the City of Flagstaff Art and Science Funds.

Friends of Flagstaff's Future (F3) The mission of F3 is to sustain and enhance the greater Flagstaff area’s high quality of life through activism and advocacy of policies supporting a livable community.

Grand Canyon Trust The mission of the Grand Canyon Trust is to protect and restore the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau. Its vision for this unique region 100 years from now is of a landscape still characterized by vast open spaces and dominated by wildness and healthy and restored natural ecosystems.

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council (GCWC) GCWC is a consortium of scientists and conservationists whose goal is to protect and restore the native biodiversity and ecological processes of the ecoregion surrounding the Grand Canyon.

Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPCER) MPCER promotes interdisciplinary research throughout the region. It fosters collaborations among scientists, land-managers, and educators to understand environmental processes essential for functioning ecosystems and apply scientific knowledge for the development of effective strategies that will ensure intact ecosystems for future generations.

Program in Community Culture and Environment (CC&E) CC&E provides opportunities for students, citizens, and community and cultural organizations on the southern Colorado Plateau to work together in:

  • collaborative workshops
  • symposia
  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • issue forums
  • other sponsored activities

Willow Bend Environmental Education Center Willow Bend offers place-based educational opportunities to Flagstaff children, families, and educators.