Undergraduate programs in sociology 

Our goal is to help you develop your sociological imagination. You will learn how your personal experiences are linked with larger social structural issues.  Our classes help prepare you for a globalized economy, develop critical thinking skills and widen your world view. 

Our programs

We offer the following undergraduate programs:

 Sociology Students  

Bachelor of Science in sociology

The BS degree allows you to study a diverse range of sociological topics from multiple points of view. Visit the Academic Catalog for courses.

 Student with Father

Minor in family studies

Already have a major decided but still curious about family studies?  Then the minor will complement any major and give you a basic understanding of family roles and issues. Visit the Academic Catalog for courses.

 Sociology Students at Award Ceremony

Minor in sociology

A minor in sociology can be applied to many other majors and give you a leg up in the career world. Visit the Academic Catalog for courses.


What kind of job can I get with a degree in sociology?

A degree in sociology can prepare you for many different fields:

  • social justice advocacy
  • healthcare
  • criminal and civil justice
  • non-profits
  • research labs
  • social service agencies
  • public/private schools
  • business and technology