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  • Huffman wins
    Huffman wins

    Huffman wins award for 2013 Book on Green Organizations

    In August, the 2014 Organizations and Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management (ONE) Book Award was awarded to Dr. Ann Huffman and colleague for their 2013 edited volume entitled "Green Organizations: Driving Change with IO Psychology" (Psychology Press). In terms of its relevance for the award, as Dr. Wayne F. Cascio from the University of Colorado, Denver noted, "One of the most pressing challenges our planet faces today is environmental sustainability in an ever-changing world that consumes more and more precious resources. I/O psychology has much to contribute in the effort to encourage behaviors at the individual and organizational levels that are environmentally friendly, and this trail-blazing book shows the way."

  • Walters honored
    Walters honored

    Walters honored for teaching

    Dr. Andy Walters was appointed as NAU’s sole President’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow and named the SBS Teacher of the Year. For both awards, Dr. Walters was recognized for his tremendous commitment to undergraduate students: his outstanding teaching skills, both within the traditional classroom experience as well as service learning supervision (PSY 408c--Fieldwork), and his work as an exemplary mentor to students. His students have achieved numerous awards and achievements under his supervision. Dr. Walters has been identified by NAU Golden Axe recipients as the faculty member who “provided the most significant impact on academic success," 8 times in the nine years he has been teaching here at NAU.

  • Goodman welcomed
    Goodman welcomed

    Department welcomes Robert Goodman

    The Department is pleased to introduce Dr. Robert Goodman as our newest Assistant Professor. Dr. Goodman completed his PhD in Social Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA in 2014. Dr. Goodman’s research examines the neurological, behavioral, and psychosocial consequences of a particular kind of attention known as mindfulness: an open and receptive awareness of experience as it occurs in the present. Rob examines the interplay between mindfulness and several core psychological processes, such as emotion, and memory. For example, how does mindfulness influence the way people experience and regulate emotions? Does mindfulness affect the content and accuracy of episodic memory? Could mindfulness training be applied to treat age-related memory decline? Dr. Goodman’s research takes a social and affective neuroscience approach to address these questions across several levels of analysis using electroencephalography (EEG), event and experience sampling, and other behavioral markers. Dr. Goodman will be teaching research methods (PSY 302w) and group behavior (PSY 326) this fall, and is enthusiastic to about involving NAU students in his research.

  • Jason Whetten
    Jason Whetten

    Department welcomes Jason Whetten

    Mr. Whetten, our newest Instructor, recently completed his masters degree in the Teaching of Psychology at NAU and has taught Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology at Coconino Community College. Prior to completing his masters at NAU Mr. Whetten worked as a habilitation provider for the Department of Economic Security Division of Developmentally Disabled and well as wrote and directed for a youth musical theatre program at Eastern Arizona College. For the fall semester, Mr. Whetten will be teaching two sections of PSY 101 (Introductory to Psychology) and two sections of PSY 255 (Introduction to Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience) and is looking forward to meeting NAU students and engaging them in important content in the psychological sciences.