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Consider these following opportunities as a major resource to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the policies and procedures. Being familiar in these fields will make your experience much more pleasant, in addition to those you deal with at the various levels of administration. Each course attempts to highlight the basic information needed in order for you to conduct your own research. 

Course sections are divided into four segments

  1. Research at NAU
         Overview of NAU grant and contract process and how it translates into SBS action
  2. Searching - Finding Money
         Federal, Foundation, Corporation - Which is right for me? For my project?
         Doing it on your own
  3. Preparing - Asking for Money
         Basic budget development
         Letter of intent - What is it, really?
         Difference between Consultant and Subcontractor. What is a subaward anyway?
         How to get funded: Standing out above the rest
         An in depth look at what it means to engage the reader
         Elements of technical grant writing
  4. Managing - Spending Money
    You were awarded a grant. What have you done? What do you do next?

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