Internal Funding Opportunities

Dean's Research Incentive Program

The College Dean offers incentive funding for SBS faculty interested in developing a grant proposal, off contract (usually the summer.) Faculty should identify a specific funding solicitation of interest and submit their proposal concept to their chair for prior approval before it is submitted to the College Dean for consideration. Upon the approval of the Department Chair, a written request should be submitted to the College Dean asking for summer stipend funding. If approved, the faculty member is provided an agreed-upon sum for the purpose of developing and submitting an specific grant proposal. Half of the stipend is provided up front with the other half provided upon actual submission of a proposal as verified by the university Office of Grant & Contract Services. If faculty wish to develop an incentivized grant proposal during sabbatical or the regular contracted academic year, the request must be approved by the department chair and the College Dean.

SBS Parents' Fund

The College Development Director offers funding opportunities for faculty research and programs through the SBS Parents' Fund. The amount and purpose is determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information about these monies, contact Anne Buzzard, SBS Development Director.