Alumni Research

Work completed by GPR alumni (not a complete list):

Cynthia Parker (MA Rural Geography, 2009) Thesis: Evaluating Juniper Cover Change From 1936-1997 in the Wupatki Area Using Repeat Aerial Photography.  (Chairperson: Dr. Lenn Berlin)

Mark Manone (MA Rural Geography 2009) Thesis: A Comparative Assessment of Change on Sandbars in Grand Canyon Using Stereo Versus Planimetric Photogrammetry.  (Chairperson: Dr. Lenn Berlin)

Donovan Sherratt (MS Applied GIS 2009) Practicum: The Spatial Relationship between the School and Student and its Effect on Student Academic Achievement.  (Chairperson: Dr. Ruihong Huang)

Ryder Delaloye (MA Rural Geography 2008) Practicum: Buddhism and Community Development in Southeast Asia. (Chairperson: Dr. Jim Sell)

Brandon Haist (MS Applied GIS 2008) Practicum: Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) of the Terapa, Mexico Paleontological Site. (Chairperson: Dr. Samantha Arundel)

Matthew Tuten (MS Applied GIS 2008) Thesis: Comparing Ecological Restoration and Northern Goshawk Management Guidelines Treatment in a Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forest. (Chairperson: Dr. Tina Kennedy)

Chaffin, Clara (MA, Rural Geography 2008) Thesis: Socioeconomic Community Health in Arnold, Nebraska. (Chairperson: Dr. Carolyn Daugherty)

Manion-Farrar, Jill (MA, Rural Geography 2008) Thesis: Water Conservation Policy in Northern Arizona: Community Successes and Limitations. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Mount, Andrew (MS Forestry 2008) Thesis: Differences Between Day Users and Overnight Users in Southwestern Wildland Recreation Environments. (Committee members: Dr. Pam Foti, Dr. Robert Mathiasen, Dr. Charles Hammersley)

Ratcliffe, Michael (MS, Applied GIS 2008) Thesis: Delineating Flood Hazard Areas Using HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS in the ArcInfo Environment. (Chairperson: Dr. Ruihong Huang)

Rigg (Kramer), Natasha (MS, Applied GIS 2008) Practicum: Regional Mapping of Genetic Intervals in the Almond Formation, Greater Wamsutter Field, Southwest Wyoming: An Iterative Geostatistical Approach to High-Grading Well Locations. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Schoepke, Sydney (MS, Applied GIS 2008) Thesis: Predicting Off Highway Use Areas on the Arizona Strip. (Chairperson: Dr. Pam Foti)

Wenker, Alisa (MA, Rural Geography 2008) Thesis: Place Attachment as Represented by Textile Quilts: Yellowstone National Park Region. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Wilson, Stacie (MS, Applied GIS 2008) Thesis: GIS Spatial Analysis of Mountain Cahuilla Subsistence and Occupancy Patterns in Pre- and Post-Contact Periods. (Chairperson: Dr. Ruihong Huang)

Bunce, Gregory (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: Gentrification and Neighborhood Change: A Case Study of the Maple Ash Neighborhood, Tempe, Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Tom Paradis)

Farmer, Monica (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: A Geographic Study of the Portrayal of the American Southwest in Children’s Literature, 1880-1999. (Chairperson: Dr. Tina Kennedy)

Hankens, Sarah (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: An Exploratory Study of Human Impacts in the Wildland-Urban Interface on the Coconino National Forest. (Chairperson: Dr. Pam Foti)

Kerney, Owen (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: Workforce Housing Programs and Policies in Three Western United States Amenity Communities. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

McBride, Kathleen (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: A Synoptic Climatology for Dust Deposition to the Snowpack in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, U.S.A. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

McNulty, Michelle (MA, Rural Geography 2007) Thesis: The Mystique of Route 66 and the Image of Flagstaff, Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Park, Brian (MS, Applied GIS 2007) Practicum: City of Flagstaff Stormwater System Inventory and Condition Assessment Project: Creating a Stormwater Infrastructure Geodatabase.  (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Donnermeyer, Christopher (MA, Rural Geography 2006) Thesis: Carnegiea Gigantea Population Density and Structure at Two Sonoran Desert Mountain Ranges. (Chairperson: Dr. Samantha Arundel)

Etter, Merrianne P. (MA, Rural Geography 2006) Thesis: Snow Sublimation and Energy Balance Along a Forest-Edge Transect in Northern Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Brodehl, Grant (MA, Rural Geography 2005) Thesis: Preliminary Observations on the Physical Impacts of Mountain Biking in the Southwestern United States.

Simeral, David Blair (MA, Rural Geography 2005) Thesis: New Snow Density across an Elevational Gradient in the Park Range of Northwestern Colorado. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Varnadore, Hilari Benson (MA, Rural Geography 2005) Thesis: Place and Community Identity: Resilience and Planning in the Arizona-New Mexico Mountain Region. (Chairperson: Dr. Christina Kennedy)

Clum, Karen (MA, Rural Geography 2004) Thesis: A Qualitative Model of Rural Economic Diversity: The Case of a Southwestern Mining Community. (Chairperson: Dr. Carolyn Daugherty)

Hughes, Tracie (MA, Rural Geography 2004) Thesis: Youth Recreation and Education Groups in Outdoor Settings: An Analysis of Site Preferences. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Long, Joshua (MA, Rural Geography 2004) Thesis: Corporate, Campus, and Counter-Culture: An Ethnographic Examination of Place Attachment and Culture in the Present-Day American Coffeehouse. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Marino, Angela M(MA, Rural Geography 2004) Thesis: The Relationship between Flooding and Respiratory Health of Two Spatially Distributed Groups within the Ft. Totten Sioux Indian Tribe. (Chairperson: Dr. Carolyn Daugherty)

Wood, Lochen (MA, Rural Geography 2004) Practicum: Attitudes toward Ranching Viability on U.S. Forest Service Allotments. (Chairperson: Dr. Tina Kennedy)

Feoktistov, Sergey V. (MA, Rural Geography 2003) Thesis: Wilderness Destinations: Ecotourism Supply in the Southern Part of the Russian Far East. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Girard, Robert M. (MA Rural Geography 2003) Practicum: The Subdivision of the Historic Homes at the Old Hassayampa Country Club in Prescott, Arizona (Chairperson: Dr. Tom Paradis)

McCabe, Jason Douglas (MA, Rural Geography 2003) Thesis: Arizona Powwows and the Sense of Place of American Indian Individuals. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Soles, Ellen S. (MA, Rural Geography 2003) Thesis: Where the River Meets the Ditch: Human and Natural Impacts on the Gila River, New Mexico, 1880-2000.  (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Wyse Mietz, Stephanie (MA, Rural Geography 2003) Thesis: Evaluating Historical Electrofishing Distribution in the Colorado River, Arizona, Based on Shoreline Substrate. (Chairperson: Dr. Samantha Arundel)

Boussard, Elizabeth Ann (MA, Rural Geography 2002) Thesis: Motorized River Ranger Patrols in the Grand Canyon: Are they the Minimum required for the Administration of Wilderness?" (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Peters, Karen (MA, Rural Geography 2002) "Visual and Verbal Preference and Perception in the Rural Residential Environment" (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Adams, Darren (MA, Rural Geography 2001) Thesis: A Foundation for Criteria to Improve City Geographic Information Systems. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Kempton, Alvin Brent (MA, Rural Geography 2001) Thesis: A Conditional Computer Simulation Model to Construct Paleotopography Using the Afton, California Study Area. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Kirk, David A. (MA, Rural Geography 2001) Thesis: Methodological Test of Using Density Slicing on Panchromatic Historical Aerial Photographs to Detect Changes in Woody Vegetation. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

Aldrich, Melissa (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Spatial Analysis of a 1900 Timber Inventory in Northern Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Mast)

Arundel, Terence R. (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Using General Land Office Survey Records to Determine Pre-Settlement Forest Conditions in North-Central Arizona, 1878-1879. (Chairperson: Dr. Stanley Swarts)

Ayers, Anthony (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Cluster Analysis of Weather Related General Aviation Accidents in Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Davis, Jeffrey (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Corporate Tourism Enterprises and Rural Economic Development: Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon Railway. (Chairperson: Dr. Tom Paradis)

Frisch, Karl Erik (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Drownings at Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, 1969-1996: a Geographic Information System Based Evaluation. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Partl, Uwe-Markus (MA, Rural Geography 2000) Thesis: Changing Perceptions, Attitudes, and Expectations of International Exchange Students at Northern Arizona University. (Chairperson: Dr. Christina Kennedy)

Douglass, John (MA, Rural Geography 1999) Thesis: Late Cenozoic Landscape Evolution Study of the Eastern Grand Canyon Region. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Jacobs (Falzarano), Sarah R. (MA, Rural Geography 1999) Thesis: A Fuzzy Spatial View of Accuracy of a Northern Arizona Land Cover Map. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

Palermo, Joseph K. (MA, Rural Geography 1999) Thesis: From Production to Consumption: Transformation of Former Mining Towns in Arizona through Heritage Tourism. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Walton, Bentley(MA, Rural Geography 1999) Practicum: (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

Dunno, Glenn A. (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: Analysis of Lineament Reproducibility Derived from LANDSAT TM and SLAR Imagery Using Spearman’s Rank Correlation and Cross-Association Statistics. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Hampton, Haydee M.  (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: Use of Multichannel Synthetic Aperture Radar to Predict Forest Structure for Mapping Bird Habitat. (Chairperson: Dr. Lenn Berlin)

Kennaway, Lisa F. (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: The Global Positioning System and Geographic Information System in recreation monitoring, Kanab Creek Wilderness, Arizona.

Kent, Barbara (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: Landscape change analysis of San Dieguito Lagoon, Del Mar, California 1928-1994. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

Palmer, Mark H. (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: Land Tenure Changes on Kiowa Land Allotments in Caddo County, Oklahoma: 1933-1995. (Chairperson: Dr. Dawn Hawley)

Payton (McComisky), Allison (MA, Rural Geography 1998) Thesis: Cloud detection and scale effects over Antarctica using Landsat TM data. (Chairperson: Dr. Lenn Berlin)

Martinez, Peter Alexander (MA, Rural Geography 1997) Thesis: Implementing Geographic Information Systems in Local Government: Theoretical Models and the Experience of Flagstaff, Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Wolf, Joy (MA, Rural Geography 1997) Thesis: Fire History of Mixed-Conifer Forests on the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

Yoder, Steve (MA, Rural Geography 1997) Thesis: Navajo Value Orientations and Forest Policy Preferences.  (Chairperson: Dr. George Van Otten)

Beltz, Jennifer (MA, Rural Geography 1996) Thesis: Interpretation as a Management Tool at National Park Da Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás, Brazi (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Hatten, James R. (MA, Rural Geography 1996) Thesis: Evaluation of Panchromatic Imagery for Riparian Classification and Change Detection. (Chairperson: Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast)

List, Michael D. (MA, Rural Geography 1996) Thesis: A Test of Five Interpolation Methods for the Mapping of Hazardous Lead Waste in Soil. (Chairperson: Dr. Leland Dexter)

Walker, Crayton Scott (MA, Rural Geography 1996) Thesis: GPS and GIS in Wilderness Recreation Monitoring: An Evaluation of Campsite Locations in the Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Wilkerson, Jeffrey S. (MA, Rural Geography 1996) Thesis: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a geographical information system to model short-wave solar flux.

Davis, Megan K. (MA, Rural Geography 1995) Thesis: Evaluation of the New Mexico Range Stewardship Incentive Program. (Co-Chairpersons: Dr. Dawn Hawley and Dr. Jon Souder)

McCormick, Peter J. III (MA, Rural Geography 1995) Thesis: Comparative Assessments of Quality of Life in Eastern Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. H.G. Salisbury)

Liao, Hui (MA, Rural Geography 1994) Thesis: The Origins of Chinese Americans in Arizona and Their Current Settlement Patterns in Central Arizona. (Chairperson: Dr. George Van Otten)

Zhao, Kui (MA, Rural Geography 1993) Thesis: Population Change in Arizona Counties, 1920-1990. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)

Mariahazy, Laszlo (MA, Rural Geography 1992) Thesis: Methodological Considerations of Three-Dimensional Perspective Surface Visualization in Geographic Information Systems. (Chairperson: Dr. Alan Lew)