ICOPE 6 - Topics for submissions

Submissions will be invited that contribute to:

  • good practice in psychology teaching, learning design or assessment;
  • theoretical debate relevant to psychology teaching and learning;
  • facilitation of interchange between teaching staff, educational developers, researchers or policy makers.

Typical subjects for submission include:

  • evaluation studies of teaching, learning or assessment practice;
  • innovative developments including a clear rationale and evaluation;
  • surveys of practice in relation to psychology education in higher education;
  • informed discussion of policy or strategic issues.

Topics could include:

  1. National and international issues in teaching psychology
  2. Psychological literacy
  3. Teaching psychology: goals, outcomes, curriculum, and methods
  4. Best practices in all educational settings
  5. Teaching of psychology for professionals in different fields of practice
  6. Developing international programs
  7. Internationalizing the curriculum
  8. Graduate employability
  9. The interface between psychology education and psychology organizations
  10. Cross-cultural and indigenous psychology
  11. Innovations in curriculum
  12. Learning design and teaching innovations
  13. Graduate research training and postgraduate research supervision
  14. Professional training and supervision
  15. The best methods of classroom instruction
  16. Classroom demonstrations and activities
  17. Service learning and internships in psychology
  18. Research-based methods of teaching psychology
  19. The scholarship of teaching and learning
  20. Distance teaching and learning: Internet, on-line, and digital cables
  21. Preparing students and faculty to become effective teachers of psychology