Ethnic Studies Program Faculty

Ethnic Studies Faculty & Steering Committee 

Dr. Bañales

Samuel Bañales, PhD: Lecturer, Ethnic Studies*
Specialities: Youth Activism & Social Movements; Chican@/Latin@ Art, Film, &History; Decolonizing Philosophies, Concepts, & Methods; Theorizing Age, Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality; 523-6707

Dr. Beeman 

Mark Beeman, PhD: Ethnic Studies & Associate Professor, Education*
Specialties: Race & Ethnic Relations; Race & Ethnic Social Theory; Macrosociology; Sociology of Development; 523-6707

Angelina E. Castagno, PhD: Director, Ethnic Studies & Associate Professor, Education*
Specialties: Race and Ethnicity in Schools; Critical Race Theory; Critical Whiteness Studies; American Indian Education; 523-9206

Frederick W. Gooding, Jr., PhD: Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies*
Specialties: African American History; Race, Law, Sports & Media; 523-8134


Dr. Guthrie 

Ricardo Guthrie, PhD: Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies*
Specialties: African American & Diaspora Studies; the Black Press; Race, Media & Communication; 523-5946 

Links to Prof. Guthrie’s artwork and research activities:

Dr. Montoya 

T. Mark Montoya, PhD:  Lecturer, Ethnic Studies*
Specialties: Race Politics, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Chican@/Latin@ Studies, Cultural Politics, Citizenship; 523-5502


An Tuan Nguyen, PhD:  Lecturer, Ethnic Studies*
Specialties: Asian American Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Vietnamese Studies, American Cultural Studies; 523-9111


Ms. Purdy 

Daisy Purdy, MEd: Lecturer, Ethnic Studies & Sociology*
Specialties: Contemporary Indigenous Identity; Race & Ethnicity; 523-3931

Mary Roaf, PhD: Instructor, Ethnic Studies & Anthropology*
Specialties: Education; Race & Ethnicity; African American Studies; 523-0653

Sara Alemán, PhD: Professor, Sociology & Social Work
Specialties: Ethnic Aging; Aging Policies; Ethnic Studies; Social Work with Ethnic Communities; 523-3886

Jeff Berglund, PhD: Professor, English
Specialties: American Indian Literature; Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States & Cultural Studies; 523-9237

David Camacho, PhD: Special Assistant to the President & Associate President for Inclusion & Equity
Specialties: United States Race Politics; Latina/o Politics; Higher Education Administration & Policy; Organizational Development; Environmental Politics & Policy; 523-8743

Chad Hamill, PhD: Assistant Professor, Applied Indigenous Studies
Specialties: Ethnomusicalogy; Classical music of northern India; Native American music; 523-3849

Deborah Harris, MEd: Associate Dean of Student Life; 523-5181

Juanita Heredia, PhD: Associate Professor, Global Languages and Cultures
Specialties: Chicana/Latina Feminism; U.S. Latin@ & Latin American Literature & Popular Culture; Comparative Cultures of the Americas; 523-6721

Ryan Kashanipour, PhD: Assistant Professor, History and Latin American Studies
Specialities: Latin America; 523-6210
 (On Leave)

Christine Lemley, PhD: Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
Specialties: Education; 523-5567

John Leung, PhD: Professor, History
Specialties: Chinese Intellectual & Social History; Modern China; Asian American History; 523-6209

Robert Neustadt, PhD: Professor, Global Languages and Cultures
Specialities: Spanish Language Literature; U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Latin American Studies; 523-6241

Gerald Wood, PhD: Associate Professor, Education
Specialties: Educational Leadership; 523-6309 

*Indicates Ethnic Studies Teaching Faculty Position

In Memoriam:

Geeta Chowdhry 100x100

Geeta Chowdhry, PhD: Professor, Politics and International Affairs
Ethnic Studies Steering Committee, Founding Member, 2000-2014


Joel Olson, PhD: Associate Professor, Politics and International Affairs
Ethnic Studies Steering Committee, 2009-2012