Academic programs

With a minor or graduate certificate in ethnic studies, you’ll be prepared to engage in an increasingly multicultural world.  These degree programs will also teach you:

  • awareness of other cultures
  • perspectives of peoples from a variety of backgrounds
  • diverse history and experiences
  • how to explore race, ethnicity, nationality, and identity in a changing world

A minor or graduate certificate in ethnic studies goes beyond education. It provides personal growth in:

  • critical thinking and writing
  • analytical skills applicable to job settings
  • personal understanding and comprehension of your role in the process of lifelong learning
  • learning how to apply your knowledge in achieving social justice or social change

Our academic programs are suitable if you:

  • plan to enter an occupation that requires a broad general education
  • want to complement a bachelor's degree for career advancement
  • are seeking personal intellectual enrichment
  • are enrolled in statewide academic programs
  • are considering a pre-professional program for
    • medicine and healthcare
    • law and community-based professions
    • government and non-governmental agencies and organizations
    • advocacy and leadership fields

  • MLKJr

    Interdisciplinary minor in ethnic studies

    Do you want to complement your current major with a minor that will open up new worlds? Consider ethnic studies.

  • Conference

    Graduate certificate in ethnic studies

    If you are a graduate student who wants to extend your knowledge and build your educational background, this certificate might be perfect for you.

  • Woman_speaking

    Find a career

    Many students who graduate with an ethnic studies degree find a career in:

    • health care-ethnic studies gives you an awareness of clinical biases.
    • social work-ethnic studies can increase your understanding of social biases and can improve your ability to work well with others.
    • law-ethnic studies can introduce you to civil rights, trial experience, torts, and constitutional history.
    • medicine-ethnic studies will improve your critical thinking, analysis, and reasoning and open you up to cultural medicinal practices.
    • global relations and studies- ethnic studies can prepare you to become a diplomat and help you manage human relationships diplomatically.