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­­Whether you are a student looking for an internship or a company looking for a student intern, this is the right place for you.

School of Communication Students Looking for an Internship

Check out our listing of approved internships below. Make sure that you have the skill set the internship provider wants and follow-up with them as instructed in the in the internship posting. Download a copy of the Internship Form (Student.Internship.Form.PDF) and fill it out completely. Generally, each semester hour of credit equates to 50 work hours. For example, if you wanted to earn 3 semester hours of credit, you’d have to work 150 hours during the semester, that’s about 10 hours per week.

Please note that you must have completed 89 semester hours AND have a gpa of 2.5 or greater if you want to register for a senior-level internship (408). If you have completed 60-88 hours, you will need to register for a junior-level internship (389). Once you and your internship supervisor have filled out (and signed) the Internship Form attach an unofficial transcript to it and drop it off at the School of Communication office on the 3rd floor. It will be routed for you. Once all signatures are obtained, you will get a call from us with a “suppressed sequence number” so you will be allowed to register for the hours and it will be part of your academic record. You MUST register for the internship.

For students with less than 60 completed hours of coursework, contact a faculty member in your major to discuss fieldwork experiences that might be available for you.

Prospective Internship Providers

Are you a place of employment looking to hire an intern from the School of Communication? We would love for our students to work in the community and learn more about their field. If you can offer a supervised internship experience for one of our students, we would love to talk more with you about how we can work together to make this happen!

We have all potential intern supervisors fill out this form (attached). This helps us advertise the position to the appropriate students. We will know the skills and qualifications you are looking for the student to have already learned prior to the internship, the hours he or she will be working, where they will be working and whether it is paid or unpaid. In addition, the student will know what application materials are needed to apply.

Once you select an intern, you will be sent an evaluation form so you can let us know how the internship is proceeding. We generally send them out at 7-8 weeks (mid-term) and again at about 15 weeks (final).

Employer Internship Form, click (Employer.Internship.Form.docx) here.



The Internship Coordinator at ( He can answer any questions about the School of Communication internship program.


Available internships          

2016-2017 Internships

4 Flag TV Internship - Creative Media and Film

American Conservation Experience - Photojournalism

American Red Cross Internship - Communication Majors

Arboretum at Flagstaff - Strategic Communication

AZ Capitol Television Broadcast Internship - Creative Media and Film

Arizona Exposure Marketing - Visual Communication

Coconnino Community College Internship - Communication Majors

Elle Magazine Internship - Journalism

Flagstaff Arts Council - Visual Communication

Flagstaff Business Alliance - Strategic Communication/Journalism

Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visual Communication/Strategic Communication/Creative Media and Film

FLOOD Internship - Creative Media and Film

Full Circle Internship - Creative Media and Film

Hidden Light LLC - Photography/Communication Majors

Journalism Internships in Cuba - Journalism

Live News Stream - Strategic Communication

My College Coach Internship - Strategic Communication

NAU Athletics - Communication Majors

NAU Resource Center Internship - Strategic Communication

Phoenix Art Museum - Strategic Communication

Phoenix Suns Internship - Strategic Communication

Proof Physical Therapy - Strategic Communication

Summit Center / Northern Arizona Orthopedics - Communication Majors

SBS Dean's Office Internship - Communication Majors

Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition - Communication Majors

Wilderness Volunteers - Photojournalism

2015-2016 Internships

Artisan Black Book Internship - Strategic Communication

The Arizona Daily Sun Strat Com Internship - Strategic Communication

Arizona Highways Photo Workshop Intern - Visual Communication/Strategic Communication

The Borgen Project Political Affairs Internship - Journalism

The Borgen Project Writer Internship - All Communication Majors

Capital Semester Internship - Journalism

Citizen's Climate Lobby Internship - Strategic Communication

Click Co + Work Strat Com Internship - Strategic Communication

Coconino County Fair Internship - All Communication Majors

Continental Country Club Internship - Fashion Merchandising

Continental Country Club Internship - Marketing/Strategic Communication

Craters and Freighters - Strategic Communication

DC Summer of Service Internship - All Communication Majors

Deckers Internship - Visual Communication

DiversityU Internship - Communication Majors

Environmental Caucus Communications Internship - Strategic Communication

Flagstaff Arts Council Internship - Visual Communication

Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau - Visual Communication/Strategic Communication/Creative Media and Film

Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance Internship - Strategic Communication

Further Shores Internship - Strategic Communication

GoDaddy UX Internship - Visual Communication

Goodwill Internship - Strategic Communication

Keyser Internship - Creative Media and Film

Lantern City Media Internship - Various Majors

Mayor Stanton Internship - All Communication Majors

NAU Athletics Internship - Creative Media and Film

Northern Arizona Health Communication Internship - Strategic Communication

Northern Arizona Health Graphic Design Internship - Visual Communication

Northern Arizona Health Web Internship - Visual Communication

NAU Social Media Intern - Strategic Communication

NAU Student Athletic Videographer - Creative Media and Film/Visual Communication

The Phoenix Art Museum - Strategic Communication/Visual Communication

Phoenix Suns Internship - Strategic Communication

The Producers, Inc. & Power Trade Media Internship - 

Q Media Internship - Photography/ Creative Media and Film

Sandstone Public Relations Internship - Strategic Communication

Southern Texas PGA Internship - Creative Media and Film

Television Academy Foundation Internships - Creative Media and Film

Upland Voice Internship - Visual Communication/Creative Media and Film

Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition Internship - Strategic Communication

Willow Bend PR Internship - Strategic Communication

Zion and Zion Internship - Strategic Communication

2014-2015 Internships and ongoing

APS Corporate Communications Internship - Strategic Communication

Coconino County Public Works Public Relations Internship - Strategic Communication

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internship - All Communication Majors

DES Web Developer Internship - Visual Communication/Strategic Communication

Flagstaff Arts Council Internship - Visual Communication

Flagstaff Forty Journalism Internship - Journalism

FovéoMedia EMF Internship - Creative Media and Film

Fovéo Media Graphic Design Assistant Internship - Visual Communication

Geary Graphic Design Internship - Visual Communication 

Grand Canyon National Park Internship - Strategic Communications

High Country Conference Center AV Tech Internship - Creative Media and Film

KPNX Internship - Journalism

LeVine Social Media Internship - Strategic Communication

LeVine Multimedia Internship - Visual Communication/Creative Media and Film

LeVine Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

Marketplace Café Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

NAU Career Development at University College - Strategic Communication

NAU Career Development at University College Graphic Design - Visual Communication

NAU Career Development at University College Strategic Communications; Public Relations Intern - Strategic Communication

NAU's Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity - Strategic Communication

NAU Office of the Registrar Internship - Visual Communication

Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology - Journalism/Strategic Communication

Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Public Relations Internship - Strategic Communication

Office of Sustainability Filmmaker Internship - Creative Media and Film

Phi Kappa Phi Marketing/Communications Internship - Strategic Communication 

Sandstone Public Relations Internship - Strategic Communication

Summit Center Marketing and Community Relations Internship - Strategic Communication

2014-2013 Internships

360 Enterprises Internship - Strategic Communication

American Conservation Experience Internship - Strategic Communication

Arizona Capitol Television Internship - Creative Media and Film

Association for Women in Sports Media Internship - Journalism

Big Brothers Big Sisters Internship - Strategic Communication

Continental Country Club Internship - Strategic Communication

Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Internship - Strategic Communication

Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau Graphic Design and Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication/Visual Communication

Flagstaff Medical Center Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

Flagstaff Medical Center PR Internship - Strategic Communication

Institute on Political Journalism - Journalism

Grand Canyon Trust Volunteer Coordinator Internship - All Communication Majors

Museum of Northern Arizona Internship - Strategic Communication

NAU Print Services Internship - Visual Communication

Phoenix Art Museum Internships - Various Majors

Phoenix Suns Internship - Strategic Communication

R&R Partners Internship - - Strategic Communication

Shepard-Wesnitzer Internship - Strategic Communication

Sonlight Christian Camp Internship - Creative Media and Film

NAU Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

WENDOH Media Editorial Internship - Journalism

2012-2013 Internships

ABC 15 Sales Internship - Strategic Communication/Journalism

AZ PIRG Transportation Internship - Strategic Communication

AZ Daily Sun Apprenticeships  - Various Majors

AZ Daily Sun Web Journalist Apprenticeships - Journalism

Back2Basics Public Relations Internship - Various Majors

Boston Globe Internship - Journalism

City of Flagstaff PR/Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

Coconino Community College Communication Internships - Visual Communication

Expect More Arizona Design Internship - Various Majors

Institute on Political Journalism Internship - Journalism

HomeCo Merchandising Internship - Strategic Communication

Hurricane Junior Golf Tournament Video Internship - Journalism

Quality Connections Marketing Internship - Strategic Communication

The Learning Center Media Internship - Creative Media and Film

Light Technology Design Internship - Various Majors

Lowell Observatory media Internship - Visual Communication

Michelle Koechle Photography Internship - Photography/Strategic Communication

NAU Office of Sustainability Graphic Design Internship - Visual Communication

Off Madison Ave., PR Internship - Strategic Communication

Prolific Business Internship - Creative Media and Film

Rep. Ann KirkPatrick Internship - All Communication Majors

Straightline Builders Marketing Design Internship - Strategic Communication/Visual Communication

Theatrikos Design and Marketing Internships - Strategic Communication/Visual Communication 

Thin Air Literary Magazine - Various Majors

Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition - Strategic Communication

Wick Communications Company Editorial Internships 2013 - Various Majors