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Holiday greeting card contest winners:

COM photography and photojournalism students competed in a contest to provide an image for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 2012 holiday greeting card.

The winner of the $150 grand prize is photo student Erika Tenney, for her image “Falling Winter Sun.” The nine runners up include (in alphabetical order):

  • Chance Boultinghouse
  • Janelle Cordova
  • Jenneke van Genechten
  • Rachel Gibbons
  • Audrey Hirschl
  • Dakota Peterson
  • Amanda Quinlan
  • Jasmine Riley
  • Xiaoxhen Wang

All ten images will be on display in the School of Communication's second floor gallery from late November till early January.

Laura Camden, Russ Gilbert, John Hessinger, Amy Horn and Sam Minkler judged the contest, which was sponsored by SBS Dean Stephen Wright.

See the 2011–2012 Samuel L. Finley humorous writing contest winners:

Grand Prize, $300, to Matthew Dugan, MA in Applied Communication, for “Teen Alien.

First Place, $200, to  Megan Murphy, BA in English, for “Say That Again?

Second Place, $150, to Brian Anderson, BA in English, for “Working Title: Thoughts in Progress (Working Title).

Third Place, $100, to Peter Tiernan, MA in English, for “Death Sentence.

Honorable Mention, $75, to Dianna Brackney, BS in Criminology & Criminal Justice, for “The Plot.

Honorable Mention, $75, to Corwin Scott Gibson, BA in English, for “Mutiny at the Slaughterhouse.

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Creative work

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