Kristen Swanson, PhD

Kristen Swanson Professor
Northern Arizona University
Strategic Communication
Blg COM 16 Rm #361
Phone: 928-523-8913

Research interests

My research interest is centered in two areas:

(1) tourism retailing and souvenirs, and (2) merchandising promotion and retail entertainment.

Courses offered

  • MER 131 Merchandising Fundamentals
  • MER 135 Retail Buying
  • MER 232 Textiles
  • MER 235 Evaluating Apparel Quality
  • MER 300w Promotional Communication
  • MER 331 Planning and Control
  • MER 332 Merchandising Promotion
  • MER 401 Trends and Research in Merchandising
  • MER 430/COM 530 Cultural, Psychological and Social Aspects of Clothing
  • MER 431 Visual Merchandising
  • MER 490c Professional Practices

Representative research and creative activity

Merchandising Promotion/Retail Entertainment:

Swanson, K. K., & Everett, J. C. (2008). Writing for the fashion business. New York: Fairchild Books. 

Swanson, K. K., & Everett, J. C. (2007). Promotion in the merchandising environment (2nd ed.). New York: Fairchild Books. 

Everett, J. C., & Swanson, Kristen. K. (2004). Guide to producing a fashion show (2 nd ed.). New York: Fairchild Publications. 

Everett, J. C., Swanson, Kristen. K., & Beyer, J. (2004). Themed retailing in Las Vegas: An exploratory look at the Venetian Casino Resort. Retailing Research: A View From New York 2004 Winter American Collegiate Retailing Association Conference Proceedings [CD Rom].  

Tourism Retailing/Souvenirs:

Swanson, K. K., & Devereaux, C. (2011, in press). Culturally sustainable entrepreneurship: A Case study for Hopi tourism. In K. Hyde, C. Ryan, & A. Woodside (Eds.). Field Guide for Case Study Research in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure. UK: Emerald Publishers. 

Swanson, K. K., & Timothy, D. J. (2011, in press). Souvenirs: Icons of meaning, commercialization, and commoditization. Tourism Management.  doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2011.10.007 

Everett, J. C., & Swanson, K. K. (2010). National park entrepreneurs: Facilitating the early tourist experience. 8th annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities Conference Proceedings [CD Rom], p. 2682. 

Swanson, Kristen. K., & Horridge, P. E. (2006). Travel motivations as souvenir purchase indicators. Tourism Management, 27(4), 671-683. 

Swanson, Kristen. K. (2004). Tourists’ and retailers’ perceptions of souvenirs. Journal of Vacation Marketing [Special issue], 10(4), 363-377. 

Swanson, Kristen. K., & Horridge, P. E. (2004). A structural model for souvenir consumption, travel activities and tourist demographics, Journal of Travel Research, 42(4), 372-380. 

Swanson, Kristen. K., & Horridge, P. E. (2002). Souvenir purchase behavior of tourists and retailers’ awareness of tourists’ purchase behavior in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 20(2), 62-76. 


PhD, Texas Tech University, 1994
MS, Colorado State University, 1987
BS, Colorado State University, 1985