Department of Anthropology Scholarships

How to Apply

To apply for any scholarship except for the William Griffen Native American Anthropology Scholarship, the Miranda Warburton Native American Anthropology Award or the Anthropology Department Travel Award, please use these links:

Scholarship Descriptions 

Undergraduate Student Scholarships

We offer three scholarship options for undergraduates in the anthropology department.

William Griffen Native American Anthropology Scholarship

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To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be majoring in anthropology
  • Be an undergraduate Native American student
  • Have completed at least 15 semester hours

Note: Include your tribe on the application. Proof of tribal registration will be required when you are selected to receive this scholarship.

Miranda Warburton Anthropology Scholarship

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To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be majoring in anthropology
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA 

Note: One-half of the award amount is applied to fall semester and one-half to spring semester.

Miranda Warburton Native American Anthropology Award

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This award funds internships or research experiences.  To be eligible, you must:

  • Be Native American majoring in anthropology
  • Have a focus in health and human services

A joint proposal from the Native American student and a proposed researcher/internship mentor or program is required, as these funds are intended to help provide direct mentoring and research experiences to Native American students. The award may be used for supplemental research experience or completion of thesis linked to on-going health or human services.

Graduate Student Scholarships

These graduate scholarships can help fund your:

  • Conference travel
  • Education
  • Research

Kenny Acord Memorial Award

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Through a generous endowment of $10,000 from Kenny’s parents, Bobby and Anna Acord, the Anthropology Department has founded the Kenny Acord Memorial Award for Graduate Studies in Archaeology. Additional contributions to this fund have already been pledged by many of Kenny’s professors and peers. 

This award will fund original scholarly research by archaeology graduate students who represent the same ideals that Kenny stood for, while memorializing the name of this exceptional student. 

Find out how you can donate to the fund or apply to receive funding.

Robert Euler Anthropology Student Scholarship

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In January 2002, Bob Euler passed away. His varied and remarkable career spanned decades, and he touched the lives of anthropologists and many others with whom he came into contact. A few years ago, a fundraising effort began that many of you participated in to perpetuate Bob’s memory as a leader and teacher, as well as his spirit of research excellence to endow the Robert C. Euler Graduate Scholarship in Anthropology.

Before he passed away, Bob expressed a preference for including all anthropology graduate students as candidates for his scholarship, with awards based on outstanding performance in the program. Accordingly, we plan to offer the funding from the endowment to second-year students who have achieved the kind of excellence for which Bob stood.

Anthropology Student Conference Travel Award

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This award supplies travel funding for anthropology graduate students who are financially unable to attend professional meetings aligned with the students’ courses of study. The donor hopes that, through attending conferences, graduate students will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain visibility in the field of anthropology by presenting professional papers, leading workshops, or creating poster presentations
  • Network with professional practitioners to improve employment opportunities
  • Act as Anthropology Department student representatives to increase the visibility and prestige of our program

This award is competitive and will be given to qualified anthropology students who:

  • Are graduate students who will be attending a professional conference relevant to their area of study
  • Preferably are applied and thesis students in the socio-cultural track
  • Preferably are students who are presenting a paper or a poster

If you are not presenting a paper or poster, but plan to attend to network with other anthropologists, professionals, and practitioners, you may also apply and should provide a list of the people you intend to meet and the intended outcome of the networking efforts.

Students are eligible for funding once during their academic careers at the university and are required to contribute at least 15 percent of the total cost of the trip.

Panayotis Farantakis Memorial Award for Humanitarian Service Internships

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This award honors the memory of Panayotis Farantakis, a Northern Arizona Student student who studied anthropological linguistics. After leaving the university, and completing his Greek military service, he established one of the most modern private language and computer schools in Greece. In addition, he participated in search-and-rescue efforts. In 1996, while searching for a missing mountain climber, Panayotis slipped and fell over a cliff and was killed instantly at the age of 31.

The purpose of this memorial award is to help perpetuate the humanitarian ideals so richly exemplified in the young life of Panayotis Farantakis. The endowment will be used to assist in travel and other expenses for graduate students majoring in anthropology who are pursuing humanitarian internships as part of fulfilling the requirements for their graduate degree. 

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a full-time (9 or more hours a semester) anthropology graduate student in good academic standing
  • Have completed 18 hours of graduate anthropology credit by the time the internship begins

You may apply for the award during the semester you’re completing the 18 hours. The award will be contingent upon successful completion of those hours.

You must have been officially accepted by an organization outside of the university for an internship which is clearly humanitarian in nature; that is, which has a positive impact on the day-to-day living of other peoples.

Carelton T. Hodge Award for Excellence in Anthropology

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This award was established by the family of the late Carleton T. Hodge, world-renowned linguist, Egyptologist, and anthropologist, to provide an annual award for someone who has demonstrated academic excellence as a graduate student of anthropology.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence in your academic record
  • Currently be a full-time graduate student in anthropology
  • Have completed 18 hours of graduate anthropology credit by the time the internship begins; you may apply for the award during the semester you’re completing the 18 hours, and the award will be contingent upon successful completion of those hours