Veronica Perez Rodriguez, PhD


Ph.D. Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, University of Georgia
BA, University of Texas El Paso
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Specialty areas

  • Ecological and environmental anthropology
  • Mesoamerican archaeology
  • Complex societies and urbanism
  • Landscape and regional studies
  • Agriculture and terracing
  • Applied anthropology


Dr. Pérez Rodríguez is an associate professor of anthropology and the director of the Cerro Jazmín Archaeological Project. Her research investigates social complexity, urbanism, and its environmental impact in Mesoamerica. Her work integrates archaeological, ethnographic, ethnohistorical, and geomorphological methods to study urban landscapes and urban entities at a regional scale. Her research primarily takes place in the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. 

In her fieldwork Dr. Pérez Rodríguez investigates traditional forms of terrace agriculture and works with modern communities interested in revitalizing these ancient forms of food production. Her research is academic and also applied in that it integrates community concerns for developing culturally appropriate methods to conserve soil and grow food in a manner that is both sustainable and socially just. She works in multi-disciplinary research teams where geomorphological, soil science, ethnohistorical, ethnobotanical, and ethnographic research can come together to investigate how large urban centers flourished for nearly 2000 years in the Mixtec highlands of Mesoamerica. It is hoped that these lessons of the past can help modern Mixtec communities who are fighting against erosion, migration, and lack of economic opportunities. 

Current research and applied projects

Dr. Pérez Rodríguez is currently the director of the Cerro Jazmín Archaeological Project.

Project website 


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Pérez Rodríguez, Verónica 

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