Minor in Anthropology

The world’s cultures are everywhere

An Anthropology minor gives you the cultural background to communicate, understand, and work across cultural boundaries.

Contact the Anthropology Department (928 523-3180) to find a faculty advisor for your Anthropology Minor. Your advisor will help you select the right combination of courses for your career path and interests.


Take the following 18 units:

Select one course from (3 units):
  • Sociocultural: ANT 102, ANT 205, ANT 209, ANT 301, ANT 302, ANT 303, ANT 306, ANT 309W, ANT 390, ANT 404, ANT 406, ANT 407C, ANT 409, ANT 414, ANT 439, ANT 470
  • Linguistics: ANT 103, ANT 329
Select one course from (3 units):
  • Archaeology: ANT 104, ANT 250, ANT 350, ANT 351, ANT 355, ANT 359W
  • Physical anthropology: ANT 101, ANT 270, ANT 271, ANT 370, ANT 379)
Select, with your advisor's guidance (12 units):
  • At least two courses must be upper-division courses, and at least 9 units must be completed through Northern Arizona University's anthropology program. (These requirements are not mutually exclusive; any class may fill both requirements.)
Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also take. For prerequisite information click on the course or see your advisor.