Come Work With Us


  • online application available mid January 2014
  • applications reviewed beginning early February 2014
  • the position closed on March 12, 2014
  • search team will conduct first round in-person interviews at “The Placement Exchange" in Baltimore, MD March 12-16, 2014 
  • on-campus interviews begin April 2014
  • position offers continue until all positions are filled
  • position start date anticipated for mid-July

Apply online

In order to be considered for the RHD position, you must complete the application process outlined on our Human Resources website. The following guide may be helpful as you navigate the Human Resources site:

    1. Visit 
    2. Click on “Job Openings” listed in the left-hand toolbar 
    3. Optional: New applicants are encouraged to review the very informative applicant tutorial on this page. After reviewing the applicant tutorial, return back to “Job Openings” page
    4. Click on “Apply for Jobs” either on the left-hand toolbar or the middle of the page 
    5. Click “Staff Openings” in the middle of the page
    6. You will find the Residence Hall Director Position listed on this page (HR Position #600703)
    7. NAU HR only allows one document to be uploaded per application, please combine your cover letter, resume, and references into one PDF document before applying


Contact Kevin Gemoets if you have any questions, or call 928-523-5840.