Graduate Assistantship Opportunities for 2015-2016

Priority application date: March 15, 2015

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The GARHD is a live in position responsible for assistance with the administration and operation of a residential community. GARHDs are expected to enhance the living environment of the residence hall through staff and student development, resident outreach, community building, attention to facilities, and administrative organization including staff supervision. GARHDs manage small residence halls or assist with managing large halls. View Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director job description.
Graduate Assistant for Learning Communities
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: This position will strengthen your leadership and mentoring skills through your work with undergraduate student mentors (Community Mentors) overseeing Residential Learning Communities. The GA is responsible for supervision of the CM’s including assistance with the mentors’ program planning ideas for their assigned communities, interaction with students in the RLC cohorts, and professional development of the CM’s through weekly staff meetings and one-on-ones. The GA also oversees training of the CM’s including co-teaching a 1-credit, 8 week mentoring class, and ongoing development of their CM staff throughout the year.  View Graduate Assistant for Learning Communities.
Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life
More information coming soon. 
Graduate Assistant for Academic Outreach

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist with establishing programs that enhance the academic environments within the residence halls.  Assist with the administration of the Freshman Connections Resource Centers including shared training and supervision of in-hall tutors, coordination of in-hall tutoring services, implementing academic support and study skills programming with special emphasis to the First Six programming series, and coordination of outreach for freshmen students on academic probation.  Assist with the overall recognition of in-hall academic programs and endeavors across the department.

    Graduate Assistant for Staff and Community Development
    General Responsibilities: Assist the Coordinator of Staff & Community Development with the administration of various aspects of community building and training for the entire residence hall and family housing system; coordinate campus-wide passive, thematic, and educational events and activities; assist with staff training and student leadership opportunities; and coordinate staff recognition and program resources.
    Terms of Employment for all positions
    1. Enrollment: Employment is contingent upon admission to the Graduate College and acceptance into a graduate program at NAU. As a condition for retention in the role, the Graduate Assistant must remain in good academic standing, which includes the following: 1) maintaining a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 3.00, 2) no grades of C or below, and 3) completion, each semester, of a minimum/maximum of nine (9) credit hours in Fall or Spring semesters which apply towards graduation
    2. Period of employment: Employment begins approximately mid-July and runs through the end of the spring semester of the same academic year. All Graduate Assistants are hired under a provisional contract that carries a probationary period of one semester during which employment status will be reviewed. It is encouraged that GA candidates view the assistantship as a 2 year commitment.
    3. Work Hours: The Graduate Assistant will work approximately 20 hours per week including evening and weekend commitments in addition to regularly scheduled office hours. Graduate Assistants may not accept other employment during the contract period.
    4. Remuneration: A stipend for a 9 ½ month contract (summer employment upon availability), student health care plan, and 100% tuition remission-fees not covered. The Graduate Assistant is obligated to adhere to the policies of their residential community, Housing and Residence Life, and Northern Arizona University.

    If you have any questions, please email or call (928) 523-5840.