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2014 Courtney Garney - Taylor
Name: Courtney Garney
Floor: 1st Floor
Major: Elementary Education 

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: When I first chose to come here, I planned on majoring in Dental Hygiene and NAU is the only University in Arizona that offers the program. I fell in love with the campus though and soon changed my major.

Why I'm excited for this year: To help people adjust to the college life the way my RA helped me adjust.

2014 Dominic Rivera - Taylor
Name: Dominic Rivera
Floor: Basement1st Floor
Major: Civil Engineering

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I chose NAU because it was something different from what I'm used to and I really enjoyed what it has to offer.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be an RA because I love helping people and interacting with them. I'm also excited to meet incoming freshman and help them with any questions they have throughout the year.

 2014 Brennan Wilkinson - Taylor
Name: Brennan Wilkinson
Floor: 2nd Floor
Major: Strategic Communications 

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: My dad went here and said a lot of good things.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I'm excited to have the best hall at NAU.

2014 Laney Stevens - Taylor BW
Name: Laney Stevens
Floor: 2nd Floor
Major: Environmental Science

Why I chose NAU: NAU is the perfect sized school for me and I love the location of the school. My dad went here and enjoyed it, so I knew I would, too.

Why I am excited to be an RA: I am eager to help residents in their transition to adulthood and to build relationships with my community members.