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North District Residence Hall Director

Taylor Residence Hall Director

2015 Jacob Tasseff - North District
Name: Jacob Tasseff
Phone: 928-523-5867

  • Bachelor of Arts, History & Political Science - Purdue University
  • Masters of Education, Higher Education Leadership - Valdosta State University

Why I chose NAU: Since the moment I stepped on campus, I felt extremely welcomed at NAU and that this was going to be a place I could call home. Everyone is so kind and helpful that I know this is the place I can grow as a professional, and hopefully make a lasting impact. I also completely love the outdoors, and am looking forward to no longer living in a flat state! 

Taylor Resident Assistants

Name: Gunner Mulrean
Floor: 2
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: El Mirage, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because it was the most cost-effective choice for me and moving here sounded like it could be a fantastic place to begin a new chapter of my life. I come from a close-knit family and Flagstaff was just far enough but still close for visits.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am SO excited for the new opportunities and experiences that will arise from the RA job! I cannot wait to meet my residents and teach everyone that university life is not as intimidating as it seems!

Name: Carmen Robles
Floor: 2
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Science
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Why I chose NAU: When I first visited NAU, I knew it was meant for me. The campus felt like a home away from home. The classroom sizes reminded me of those I had in high school, which made my transition to college very easy. Everything on campus was close enough to walk to, just like back home. When moving in, everyone was smiling and comforting and the staff was super welcoming. I felt almost as if I was meant to go to NAU because of how comfortable it all was. That was when I knew I was destined to become a part of the lumberjack family!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to become an RA for so many reasons! I am looking forward to meet new people and share memories with them. I want to help students become involved in our campus. I strongly believe that students who find ways to get involved in outside activities are more likely to enjoy their experience as college students. I learned this first-hand, and I want to make it my goal as an RA to help new students learn this as well!

Name: Sierra Kennedy
Floor: 1
Year: Junior
Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because I am originally from Colorado, and Flagstaff reminded me of it with all of the beautiful trees and wonderful weather. It wasn't too far from my home in Phoenix, but it was far enough that it was different. Overall, it is a very welcoming city, and there is not one thing that I don't like about it.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am excited to be an RA because I want to be able to play a role in helping incoming freshman adjust to all the new changes, and to be able to be someone that they can come to when something comes up.

Name: Anthony Fischetti
Floor: Basement
Year: Senior
Major: Finance
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because of its great community and beautiful location.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be an RA because I enjoy helping students adjust to college life and want to provide them with the support they need to succeed.