Meet the South Village Apartment Staff

Residence Hall Director

2014 Mike Billar - South Village
Name: Mike Billar
Phone: 928-523-2541



  • MS Counseling - Northern Arizona University 
  • BS Teaching of Theater - Northern Arizona University


Why I chose NAU: I've always loved the staff and students. They make coming to work feel more like a non-stop party of laughs and enjoyment.

Resident Assistants 

2014 William Cross Lopez - South Viallge
Name: William Cross Lopez

About William: 

2014 Tiffany Tatafu - South Village
Name: Tiffany Tatafu

About Tiffany: Tiffany is from Mesa, Arizona and has an Associates & three medical certificates from Eastern Arizona College. Tiffany made a huge shift as a Junior when she moved to Flagstaff. She is now an undergraduate in Interior Design. Working as an RA in South Family, raising a family, and even making the NAU Dean's List keeps her busy. She wouldn't have it any other way. She has two children and loves being a mom. Tiffany enjoys using creativity in everything and helping others find their way here at NAU. 

2014 Alex Ladwig - South Village
Name: Alex Ladwig

About Alex:

2014 Tyler Nellis - South Viallge
Name: Tyler Nellis

About Tyler: 





2014 Alexis Noriega - South Village
Name: Alexis Noriega 

About Alexis:

2014 LaRenzo Totress
Name: LaRenzo Totress

About LaRenzo: