Meet your Mountain View Staff

Get to know your Residence Hall Directors and Resident Assistants.

Residence Hall Director

2014 Troy Campbell - Mountain View

Name: Troy L. Campbell
Phone: 928-523-1567


  • Masters of Education in Educational Leadership with emphasis in Higher Education and Community College – Northern Arizona University, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts in Government – University of Redlands, 2008

About Troy: Troy is from Cherry Valley, California and moved to Flagstaff in July 2008 to work as a Graduate Assistant in Housing and Residence Life. He has previously worked as a Resident Assistant and Student Body President at the University of Redlands, and Greek Life here at Northern Arizona University. Troy is in his fourth year as a Residence Hall Director (RHD) at Northern Arizona University. One of his biggest goals is to create positive memorable experiences for all those who live in Mountain View Hall because it is the best hall on-campus in Troy’s biased opinion. He looks forward to a great year working with the amazingly talented RA staff and helping students find their place at NAU and in the Flagstaff community. Go Lumberjacks! 

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director 

2014 Biance Hey - Mountain View
Name: Bianca Hey 
Phone: 928-523-1566

Hometown: Elm Grove, WI


  • Bachelor Interpersonal Communications - University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
  • Pursuing a MED in Counseling & Student Affairs - Northern Arizona University  

Why I Chose Northern Arizona University: The people that work at Northern Arizona University are so incredibly genuine. They sincerely have the best interest of the student in mind at all times. Plus Flagstaff is absolutely gorgeous with so much to do!


Resident Assistants

2014 Kayla Bishop - Mountain View
Name: Kayla Bishop
Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management, certification - event planning
Hometown: Hemet, CA

Why I chose NAU: I fell in love with this beautiful campus and the wonderful hospitality program.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I'm excited to plan fun Hall programs, and build friendships with my wonderful residents. 

2014 Dallas Diaz - Mountain View
Name: Dallas Diaz
Major: Communication Studies & Anthropology
Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Why I Chose Northern Arizona University: The dining halls have ice cream and sprinkles!

Why I'm Excited to be an RA: People from all walks of life come to study at NAU. It can be really hard to find a sense of community in such a new place - especially if this is your first time being on your own. Working on campus as an RA gives me the opportunity to make ResLife a more inclusive and welcoming space for every resident, no matter how they identify.

2014 Tatum Covey - Mountain View
Name: Tatum Covey
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ 

Why I chose NAU: As soon as I had step foot on campus, I fell in love. It's beautiful here in Flagstaff and my major programs are great. It was a perfect fit for all of my needs.

Why I'm excited: I look forward to expanding my horizons and getting to know others who I may not have gotten to meet otherwise. Being a RA is also a great opportunity to be involved on campus in many different ways.

2014 Armando Garcia
Name: Armando Garcia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Why I Chose Northern Arizona University: NAU has an awesome community and academic program and offers much to do around campus.

Why I am excited to be an RA: I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people and look forward to being a positive role model for all my residents. 

2014 Darien Hapner - Mountain View
Name: Darien Hapner
Major: History
Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I chose NAU for the sense of belonging and the community on the campus.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I wanted to become an RA to be able to help people the way my freshmen RA helped me.

2014 Calle Hewett - Mountain View
Name: Calle Hewett
Major: Visual Communication & Spanish
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I chose to attend NAU for its atmosphere, environment, and excellent academics. I fit well into the green landscape and diverse population.

Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am excited to hold a leadership position here at NAU. I want to help the community in Mountain View thrive and be a place of safety and happiness for the students that live here. I love working with others and being a part of something bold. I have learned a lot about the sorority and fraternity communities since moving into this position last year. I want to be a person of trust that residents can come to for assistance and support. Residents Halls are a large part of many students college experience and I want to help make it a great one!

2014 Kara Marx - Mountain View
Name: Kara Marx
Major: Biomedical Science
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I chose NAU because I love Flagstaff and the real sense of community that exists here on campus. Plus, it was a way for me to escape the Phoenix heat!

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I really love getting to know people, and I'm excited to connect with my residents and help them make the most of their time here at NAU!  

2014 Madison Hirschi - Mountain View
Name: Madison Hirschi
Major: Social Work and Psychology
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I enjoy the environment on and off campus. NAU was the first school I visited and once I had, I knew I didn't need to look anywhere else.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: I am eager to build connections and friendships with people I may not have otherwise and I love being a part of a team.

2014 Justin Dodd - Mt. View BW 
Name: Justin Dodd
Major: Forestry
Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Why I choose NAU: Flagstaff is a great town and NAU has such a great atmoshpere. I took one tour of campus and fell in love with it. Also, its a great place to study forestry!

Why I am excited to be an RA: Being an RA gives me the chance to make a positive impact on the residents. Its a rewarding job that allows me to be a leader and help students connect on campus.  

2014 Margot Sandoval - Mt. View BW
Name: Margot Sandoval
Major: Public Health
Hometown: Peoria, AZ

Why I choose NAU: I came to NAU because I have always loved the area and the community. It also provided me the opportunity to maintain a close connection to my family and friends.

Why I am excited to be an RA: I am really excited to get to know my residents and build some meaningful connections. I also hope to help nourish and support the incredible community that they are already a part of.  

2014 Thomas Lulay - MountainView
Name: Thomas Lulay
Major: Bachelors in Forestry with a Certificate in Fire Ecology and Management
Hometown: University Place, WA

Why I chose NAU: I love the city of Flagstaff and all that it has to offer while you can't beat the scenery and outdoor opportunities.

Why I'm excited to be an RA: Moving into my senior year of college and third and final year as an RA I am excited to be afforded the opportunity to work in Mt. View with fraternity and sorority life and act as a leader to organizations and individuals who are already great leaders on our campus.

2014 Caitlin Campbell - Mt. View BW
Name: Caitlin Campbell
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Why I choose NAU: I instantly fell in love with the campus and the city of Flagstaff! NAU has so much to offer and the sense of community speaks for itself. Besides, who wouldn't want to be a Lumberjack?... YOU GET TO WEAR FLANNELS!! 

Why I am excited to be an RA: I am really looking forward to meeting new people and making connections with my residents and leaders on campus. Becoming an RA will definitely help me get more involved in our community while making a positive impact in my residents' life as they make one in mine.