Meet your McConnell staff

Get to know your McConnell Residence Hall Directors and Resident Assistants. 

McConnell Residence Hall Directors  

2016 Alex Campagna - SV
Name: Alex Campagna
Phone: 928-523-5998


  • Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Social Science Education & History – Florida State University
  • Masters in Higher Education Counseling with an emphasis in Student Affairs – Clemson University

Why I chose NAU: The beautiful scenery, the amount of opportunities that staff and students have, and the opportunity to grow and develop myself and my family.
Why I’m excited to be an RHD: The people here in Flagstaff. It is a great place; small yet diverse, with lots of opportunities to learn, grow and be involved in a variety of things.

Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Directors  

2015 Dani Hall
Name: Dani Hall
Phone: 928-523-7475


  • Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Counseling - Student Affairs – NAU
  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication Studies - Gonzaga University 

Why I chose NAU: I knew that I wanted to put my passion for working with students into practice by working in Residence Life while pursuing my Master’s Degree! Go Jacks! 


2016 - Kristina Davila
Name: Kristina Davila
Phone: 928-523-1253


  • Counseling - Student Affairs

Why I chose NAU: The people at NAU go above and beyond to make sure every student, staff, and professional feel at home on campus. From the beginning, NAU was home to me and I cannot wait to share that welcoming feeling with new students this year!
Why I’m excited to be a GARHD: This year I will be able to grow as a professional while joining students on their journey of experiencing college and becoming who they are. These students will make a difference in the world one day, so it is our job to make a difference for them at NAU.

McConnell Resident Assistants

2016 - McConnell - Isaiah Aceves
Name: Isaiah Aceves
Floor: 1
Year: Sophomore
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: La Puente, CA
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because of the great location and the independence I would gain from going to an out of state college.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be an RA because of the new people I will meet and the relationships I will make.

2016 - McConnell - Ebone Culliver

Name: Eboné Culliver
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I look forward to having snow days... not heat advisories!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: As a returning RA, I’m excited to help make the transition from high school to college a piece of cake for my residents by showing them all of the AMAZING things that NAU’s campus and the Flagstaff community have to offer.

2016 - McConnell - Grace Darling

Name: Grace Darling
Floor: 2
Year: Senior
Major: Theatre
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because it is close to home, the campus is beautiful and safe, the community is friendly, and the academic atmosphere is both supportive and challenging. These were the reasons I applied to NAU, but every day I find new reasons to love my home away from home and that's how I know that I made the right choice.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am so excited to be an RA because I know how hard this transition can be, and after all the support I got while I was going through it I want to be that support system for someone else. I'm excited to be a part of this community and help new residents build a community of their own and excel here at NAU.

2016 - McConnell - Taylor Erdenann

Name: Taylor Erdmann
Floor: 1
Year: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Litchfield Park, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I knew NAU was the perfect fit for me the moment I stepped onto campus. I'm very adventurous and outgoing, and the atmosphere that Flagstaff gives was the perfect match for me.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be there for my residents and be their rock through their first year here at NAU. I want to help build connections with my residents and help them feel a part of the university and community!

2016 - McConnell - Albert Acosta

Name: Albert Acosta
Floor: 1
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Sciences and Spanish, minors in Chemistry and Psychology
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Why I chose NAU: I chose to attend NAU because it seemed like a very diverse campus and it was offering me a great amount of opportunities!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to start my second year working at McConnell as an RA this year because I get to work with a group of amazing people working towards the same goal; to give our residents an amazing year!

2016 - McConnell - Amy Rosi

Name: Amy Rosi
Floor: 4
Year: Senior
Major: Business Marketing and Management
Hometown: Longview, WA
Why I chose NAU: My cousin had gone to NAU and I knew that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and leave Washington State, so here I am! It's a plus that Flagstaff has similar weather to Washington- I'm not good with heat!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am honored to have gotten to work within Housing and Residence Life at NAU for the past three years! I appreciate the opportunities given for professional and personal growth and for new relationships each year. Looking back and seeing some of my residents as RA's now makes me feel certain that I did something right! Each year is full of new surprises and I am excited for whatever those may be this upcoming year.

2016 - McConnell - Desirae Enriquez

Name: Desirae Enriquez
Floor: 1
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Science
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because from the moment I stepped on campus everyone was so welcoming and willing to help. Also the variety of programs and majors NAU has is outstanding! I knew that this University was somewhere where I could succeed instantly by the many resources available to help along the way.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am excited to be and RA because I want to help incoming freshmen with their first year of college by providing them with information that I did or did not know coming into NAU, that could help them succeed. I am also, excited to create that home atmosphere in our residence hall where every resident feels comfortable and safe. Lastly, I am glad to be able to be apart of a community where we get to see residents grow from the first day of school to the last.

2016 - McConnell - Avery Jones

Name: Avery Jones
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Music Performance
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I choose NAU for its renowned music program and study abroad travel opportunities.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I really appreciate the opportunity of getting to know people and their plans for the future as they come into their college experience. It is a powerful time for networking and exchanging Ideals that every college student should take advantage of it throughout his or her college career.

2016 - McConnell - Sydney Stevens

Name: Sydney Stevens
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Psychological Sciences
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because of its surroundings. I love being outdoors and Flagstaff is just the place!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am excited to be a returning RA because of the diverse community I get to be a part of. Being a part of the residence life community makes you feel right at home with hundreds of complete strangers!

2016 - McConnell - Mikayla Shea

Name: Mikayla Shea
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose to attend NAU because the atmosphere and the environment of Flagstaff reminded me of home. I was originally born in Seattle and seeing all four seasons plus being amongst the pine trees was the perfect combination of Arizona and Washington. It was also a really great choice because I am still close to my family that I am able to go home and visit when I have time.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am extremely excited to become and RA this year because I am being given the tremendous opportunity of being a role model and the ability to help residents navigate their first year at NAU. I am being given the role to help students successfully transition from high school life to being a collegiate adult and I am excited to be able to fill this role.

2016 - McConnell - Spencer Murphy

Name: Spencer Murphy
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Why I chose NAU: It was away from the heat. It was a great deal on a financial level, I would get a solid degree with a solid education to back me up for the lowest price in state, at least it was when I enrolled.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: To be able to coach or be an open door for those that may share the same thought process as I do, also for those that don't. Having someone to be able to come to on a personal level in hardship is extremely beneficial.

2016 - McConnell - Caitlin Holmes

Name: Cait Holmes
Floor: 4
Year: Sophomore
Major: Creative Media and Film
Hometown: Surprise, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose to come to NAU because when I first stepped onto the campus grounds, I was so enchanted by the friendly atmosphere and beautiful environment. After that moment, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the school I would be attending!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm really looking forward to enriching the lives of my residents in some way, shape, or form. I can't wait to form relationships and guide them to success!

2016 - McConnell - Cara Pocano

Name: Cara Pocano
Floor: 4
Year: Senior
Major: Honors Biomedicine
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU for their excellent CEFNS progam and staff. I remember touring NAU and feeling welcomed by all the professors and current students. I also fell in love with the mountains and hiking spots that Flagstaff has! I've hiked Humphreys several times and look forward to every adventure Flagstaff offers me.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: This is my third year as an RA, and I'm excited to work in a new hall my senior year! I love working with freshman communities and helping residents with their transition into college. Through being an RA, I can foster personal growth among myself and residents. I want to provide a supportive first year college experience, and enable residents to fall in love with not only NAU, but with Flagstaff as well.

2016 - McConnell - Thuy Tran

Name: Thuy Tran
Floor: 2
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Surprise, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because it is an outdoor environment and because of the people. Also, NAU is a smaller school and I will have a better chance to get to know my community better.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to return to be returning to McConnell as my second year as an RA. I want to meet new people and be able to help them to have a great experience of in their college year.

2016 - McConnell - Jocelyn Ramirez

Name: Jocelyn Ramirez
Floor: 4
Year: Sophomore
Major: Environmental Engineering and French
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Why I chose NAU: Ever since my first campus visit, I knew NAU would be an ideal home for me. The weather is amazing and the scenery is gorgeous. But the sense of community and adventure, were by far my favorite things about NAU. I am so proud to call myself a lumberjack!
Why I’m excited to be an RA: As an RA, I will have the opportunity to interact with diverse people, but most importantly I will help them navigate through their first year of college. The transition to college can be tough, so I want to help create strong bonds between my residents so that they can support each other and create long lasting friendships in positive community. I also enjoy the crafty part of it like door decs and bulletin boards.

2016 - McConnell - Ashley Propst

Name: Ashley Propst
Floor: 3
Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Surprise, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I fell in love with NAU the moment I set foot on campus. Flagstaff is absolutely gorgeous and I love seasons, cooler temperatures, and anything that involves being outdoors! NAU is also the perfect distance from home, which allows me to visit whenever I want to but also gives me my independence.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I love meeting new people and helping others, and this is a job where I can do both! I cannot wait to make connections with my residents and help with the transition into college and beyond.

2016 - McConnell - Josue Aranda

Name: Josue Aranda
Floor: 3
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration & Marketing
Hometown: Lake Forest, IL
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because I wanted a different experience from what I was use to. I grew up in Illinois, with all four seasons. Living in Phoenix for the past four years, made me realize how much I missed that. NAU has Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer; probably one of the biggest reasons why I decided to come here. When you get here, NAU has a lot more things to offer than expected: clubs, social events, the dorms offer game rooms, and in the winter and spring there are opportunities to go skiing/snowboarding or hiking around the town of Flagstaff.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be an RA for the 2016-2017 academic year because I believe I can be a positive figure for incoming students throughout the year. There will be residents that may feel lost at times, overwhelmed by the amount of work they have, or simply homesick, and it's best that they feel they have someone to go to if needed; someone to look out for them and be a resource. I believe that with my ability to provide support, acknowledgement, and leadership; I can be that person they can go to with questions, just like my RA was my Freshman year.

2016 - McConnell - Alicia Jonson

Name: Alicia Johnson
Floor: 3
Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Surprise, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose to come to NAU because of all the amazing opportunities that it offered. NAU provides a welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel at home. I loved the NAU campus from my first tour as a junior in high school and knew that it was where I was meant to be.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I am beyond excited to return to McConnell Hall as a second-year RA because of all of the wonderful people I get to work with. As an RA I get to work with residents and help to provide them with resources that they need. When I was a freshman, my RA created a welcoming environment for everyone in our hall and I wanted to do this same thing for other incoming students. This year is going to be filled with fun and exciting opportunities and I cannot wait to get started.