Meet the Calderón Learning Community staff

Get to know your Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants.

Calderón Learning Community Residence Hall Director

2015 Toni Minter - Calderon
Name: Toni Minter
Phone: 928-523-7034


  • Masters of Business Administration, Mississippi State University 
  • Bachelors of Business Administration  - Risk Management, Insurance and Financial Planning, Mississippi State University

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: I love the small town atmosphere, and the ability to be in Arizona and still be close to greenery and the mountains while avoiding the heat.

Why I'm excited for this year: I am beginning the year in a new building and area with a different population of students.  I am ready to inspire someone.

Something about you: I’ve worked with a variety of residents during my years in Students Affairs, including Honors, Freshmen, Graduate, and families. I am especially delighted to work with a new population of students and contributing to their growth and development. My office door is open so stop by and just say hello!  


2014 Ricardo Guthrie - Calderon Faculty - 2
Name: Dr. Ricardo Guthrie, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies
Phone: 928-523-5946


  • PhD in Communication, University of California, San Diego
  • Masters in Afro-American Studies, Boston University
  • Masters in Journalism, Boston University
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Harvard College

Why I chose Northern Arizona University: The interdisciplinary program in Ethnic Studies attracts a strong cross-section of committed, personable scholar/activists who make living in Arizona a joy--I've found my tribe!

Why I'm excited for this year: The 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War (April 12, 2015) provides us all an opportunity to consider what it means to celebrate "unity in diversity", and to reflect a vision of empathy and compassion on campus and in the community. Our residents are first-rate in exercising their commitment to service and excellence.


Calderón Learning Community Resident Assistants

2015 Mahabeen Qazi - Calderon
Name: Mahjabeen Qazi
Floor: 3rd
Year/ Major:Junior - Psychology and Philosophy
Hometown/State: Phoenix, AZ

Why I chose NAU: I love how gorgeous our campus is (with the added bonus of being able to experience the four seasons while living in Arizona). NAU is the PERFECT university to learn and grow as a human being.

Why I am excited to be an RA: Being an RA has taught me so much about being a leader and building an inclusive community, and I am so excited, this year, to add to what I’ve learned in the past year. I hope to help build the type of community that will make the college experience of my residents’ an unforgettable and rewarding one. 

2015 Billy Evans Calderon RA
Name: Billy Evans
Floor: 2nd floor
Year/Major: Sophomore - Chemistry:Forensics
Hometown/State: Glendale, AZ

Why I chose NAU: Because of the beautiful environment, the offering of my wanted major, and the location. 

Why I am excited to be an RA: Because I can ensure that my residents feel welcome, and have a fantastic and memorable year!

2015 Celia Williams - Calderon
Name: Celia Williams
Floor: 2nd
Year/Major: Junior - Biomedical Science
Hometown: Pinetop, AZ

Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU for the location, atmosphere, possibilities, and opportunity to meet new people.

Why I am excited to be an RA or return as an RA: I am excited to be a returning RA to have the previous experience to help my fellow RA’s and the ability to continue growing as a RA, student and person. 

2015 Hugo Arzola - Calderon
Name: Hugo Arzola
Floor: 1st
Year/Major: Senior - Public Health
Hometown: Yuma, AZ

Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because this campus provides me a home away from home. It provides us a great opportunity for quality education, build lifetime connections from people all over the world and grow as a leader.

Why I am excited to be an RA or return as an RA: I am excited to support my residents with the various resources I can provide in order for them to succeed and grow as well as help them explore new opportunities to be involved on campus.

2015 Selena Curran - Calderon
Name: Selena Curran
Floor: 3rd
Year/Major: Senior - Speech Language Pathology
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because living in Flagstaff would be a new and exciting experience for me. When I visited NAU, I liked the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, it felt like a place I could call home.

Why I am excited to be an RA or return as an RA: I am excited to return as an RA because I enjoy being a support system to residents as they make a successful transition to college.

2015 Quinton Howard - Calderon
Name: Quinton Howgard
Floor: 3rd
Year/Major: Sophomore - English
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Why I chose NAU: Besides the overwhelming beauty of Flagstaff, the welcoming diversity of its people, and the amazing prestige of NAU, I chose this school for the activities and opportunities that it boasts. Adventure is here, waiting in our own backyard: we only have to go looking for it.

Why I am excited to be an RA or return as an RA: I loved my own experience as a freshman at NAU, and I’m unbelievably excited to help others grow through this vital stage, as well. The first year of college can be overwhelming—daunting, in fact. It is full of uncertainty and challenges; however, it’s also full of wonderful, awesome adventure. I’m excited to be your experienced guide throughout this extraordinary journey.

2015 Yoseph Loyd - Calderon
Name: Yoseph Loyd
Floor: 2nd
Year/Major: Sophomore - Physics
Hometown: San Bernardino, CA

Why I chose NAU: The community and weather.

Why I am excited to return as an RA: It’ll be my first year as an RA and I can’t wait to start. 

2015 Gabriella Rodriguez - Calderon
Name: Gabi Rodriguez
Floor: 1st
Year/Major: Junior - Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Why I am excited to be an RA or return as an RA: I’m excited to be an RA because I am given the opportunity to be more involved with the community in which I live in.

Why I chose NAU: I chose to attend NAU not only because of its amazing scenery but because it’s not too close and not too far from home.