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Get to know your Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants.

Calderón Learning Community Residence Hall Director

2016 - Megan Stanley
Name: Megan Stanley
Phone: 928-523-7034


  • Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration

Why I chose NAU: I didn't choose the university; I chose the people who work at NAU. The employees of NAU, especially those in Housing and Residence Life, are some of the most student focused, genuine, hardworking people that I have met. Pair that with NAU's philosophy on academic success, and I was hooked!

Why I am excited to be an RHD: I love working in Housing and Residence Life because it allows me to be a helping hand in the positive development (personal and professional) of the future generation of movers and shakers in our country.

Calderón Learning Community Resident Assistants

2016 - Calderon - Jessica Sandi

Name: Jessica Sandri
Major: Speech Pathology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Why I chose NAU: When I was choosing which university I wanted to go to, one of my biggest things was making sure that I felt comfortable and "at home" on my campus. So it might sound cheesy, but it just felt like home, even from the first moment I stepped on campus. Another important thing to me was finding a university that had things to do on campus, but also off campus. I did not want to feel confined to the University's borders, and NAU definitely did not make me feel that way.
Why I am excited to be an RA: I'm excited to be an RA because I absolutely love helping people, especially through transitions, and going to college and going through college is a constant transition. Watching people grow and succeed brings me much joy because of that, so now as an RA, I have the amazing opportunity to not only watch my residents succeed and grow, but to actively help them in that process!

2016 - Calderon - Celia Williams

Name: Celia Williams
Major: Biomedical Science
Year: Senior
Hometown: Pinetop, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU for the location, atmosphere, possibilities, and opportunity to meet new people.
Why I am excited to be an RA: I am excited to be a returning RA to have the previous experience to help my fellow RA’s and the ability to continue growing as a RA, student and person. I am excited for my final year to continue encouraging residents and my fellow RA's.

2016 - Calderon - Megan Cunningham

Name: Megan Cunningham
Major: Exercise Science
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because of how absolutely beautiful it is! I love hiking and nature plus the school provides so many different ways to get out and involved!
Why I am excited to be an RA: The RAs in my hall last year were such a big help to me and made my first year so amazing and I am hoping that I can provide the same sense of support and adventure for the new freshmen!

2016 - Calderon - Dane Nardi

Name: Dane Nardi
Major: Business Economics and Finance
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Queen Creek, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I grew up in Alaska and moved to Arizona when I was 15. I love the outdoors and Flagstaff not only reminded me of Alaska but offers a great education!
Why I am excited to be an RA: As an RA I have the chance to positively impact my residents and those at NAU to help embrace all that college has to offer!!

2016 - Calderon - Billy Evans

Name: Billy Evans
Major: Chemistry: Forensics with an emphasis in Biomedical
Year: Junior
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU for several reasons: I love the environment, enjoy the friendly nature of Flagstaff residents, and was really interested in the forensics major offered. And I am very happy with my choice!
Why I am excited to be an RA: I am most excited to help bring people together, and to really make the residents' first years of college a very memorable and enjoyable one!

2016 - Calderon - Tylor Brown

Name: Tyler Brown
Major: Business Management
Year: Junior
Hometown: Denver, CO
Why I chose NAU: I chose NAU because of its commitment to Diversity, I believe that NAU is pushing toward helping everyone have access to college which is a plus to me. The campus also reminds me of parts of Colorado so even though I am away from home I can still enjoy the luxury of having all four seasons. Also, I feel as though everyone in Flagstaff is friendly and the community of Flagstaff is so rich in culture it has really inspired me to pursue my degree.
Why I am excited to be an RA: I am excited to be an RA because I love to help students find their WHY and PURPOSE in life. It is important for me to make sure students are getting their money's worth when it comes to the college experience and I am prepared to ensure that happens for every student that I come into contact with. I also feel as though it gives me a more personal relationship with the student and allows me to develop rapport with first year students so that they have someone to talk to at all times.

2016 - Calderon - Dylan Graham

Name: Dylan Graham
Year: Sophomore
Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Why I chose NAU: I love the tight-knit charm that NAU's community provides for everyone. I wanted a change of scenery from the Phoenix metropolitan area and Flagstaff's environment was the perfect package: the greenery, the cobblestone sidewalks, and the crisp sixty-degree weather.
Why I’m excited to be an RA: I enjoyed everything about my first year of college. I was involved in so many different facets of campus life and participating in my hall association was one of my favorite things to do. What excites me the most about becoming an RA is the friendly relationship I hope to build with each of my residents. I would like to help my residents find something they thoroughly enjoy doing on campus because I believe staying active will increase their level of enjoyment at NAU.