Meet your hall staff

Staff Group Shot

Resident Assistants

RAs are an important part of your residence life experience—take some time to get to know your hall's Resident Assistants and find out what they love about their job and the university.

Residence Hall Director (RHD)

The RHD manages the overall operations of the hall, supervises hall staff, and advocates for student needs and concerns. RHDs in larger halls are full-time, live-in professional staff members, typically possessing a master’s degree and previous residence hall management experience. Smaller halls are managed by Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Directors (GARHD) who are graduate students pursuing their Masters degrees typically in the Counseling, Student Affairs program. GARHDs also assist the full-time RHDs in managing our largest halls.

Desk Assistants (DAs) 

DAs are students staffing the front desks of each hall. They greet visitors; receive and contact students about deliveries; check out equipment, games, and supplies; and answer questions about the hall, campus, and Flagstaff community. Freshman Connections hall front desks are staffed most hours of the day and night.

Custodial and Maintenance Staff 

Custodians and General Maintenance Mechanics (GMMs) work hard to keep the residence halls clean, comfortable, safe, and in great condition. Custodians clean community bathrooms, hallways, and public areas daily. GMMs provide regular maintenance and respond to facility concerns through the 30-Minute Maintenance program. Call F-IXED (3-4933) and the GMM will respond within 30 minutes to assess and fix the problem.