Meet your Residential Eco-Rep

The role of the Eco-Rep is to provide peer to peer education on how to live more sustainably in NAU residential communities. Eco-Reps serve as a resource and role model to promote environmentally conscious behavior within their residential community/area. 

Jessica Garcia 

“I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about environmental conservation, and I think that more people would be green if they only knew how, so I am here to help that process.”  (Jessica Garcia, former Calderón Learning Community Eco-Rep) 



Allen Hall
Position Open
Calderón Learning Community
Position Open
Campus Heights
Position Open
Cowden Learning Community
Position Open
Gabaldon Hall

Emma Collins Eco Rep - 2013

Emma Collins

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Spanish
Interesting fact: I have done color guard for 7 years.
Favorite sustainable living tip: You can use a power strip to cut power to electronics without having to unplug them all the time.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a member of the community that shares their knowledge about sustainable living with others in the community.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I think living a sustainable life is enriching and wanted to share the tips I know with other residents of Gabaldon.

Cassandra Leone Eco Rep - 2013 

Cassandra Leone

Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Major: Environmental Studies
Interesting fact: I unicycle and love the band Walk the Moon.
Favorite sustainable living tip: As long as you know what can be recycled, recycling is as simple a task as throwing away trash.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who is willing to facilitate green changes around campus and promote healthy, sustainable living.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help lead the campus into their goal of carbon neutrality and to raise and gain awareness of green living to those around me. 

McConnell Hall
Position Open
McDonald Hall
Position Open
McKay Village

Anna Almodovar - 2013 Eco Rep Wilson Hall 

Anna Almodovar

Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Anthropology
Interesting fact: I have a vein on my arm that is shaped like Africa.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Never let the water run! Turn it off when not in use.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep lets people know different ways to live a sustainable life.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to let people know different ways they can help the environment in fun ways!

Pine Ridge Village

Ember Mundt Eco Rep - 2013

Ember Mundt

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Anthropology
Interesting fact: I enjoy doing cartwheels after dinner.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is a person that informs and inspires other residents to adopt sustainable living habits.

Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help myself and others make a difference in our community and in turn make an impact in the earth. 

Reilly Hall
Position Open
South Village
Position Open
Wilson Hall
Position Open

If you don’t see your hall listed and want to become involved, please go here to learn more about the Eco-Rep position and how to apply.