Meet the 2016-2017 Residential Eco-Rep

Eco Rep - Group 2016-2017

The role of the Eco-Rep is to provide peer to peer education on how to live more sustainably in NAU residential communities. Eco-Reps serve as a resource and role model to promote environmentally conscious behavior within their residential community/area. 

Learn more about becoming part of the 2016-2017 Eco-Rep team!

Jessica Garcia 

“I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about environmental conservation, and I think that more people would be green if they only knew how, so I am here to help that process.”  (Jessica Garcia, former Calderón Learning Community Eco-Rep)  

Senior Eco-Reps

2014-2015 Anna Almodovar Eco Rep

Anna Almodovar

2015 James Eco Rep

James Yurkovich

Senior Eco-Rep Bios

Name: Anna
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Anthropology
Interesting fact: I have a vein on my arm that is shaped like Africa.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Never let the water run! Turn it off when not in use.
What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep lets people know different ways to live a sustainable life.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to let people know different ways they can help the environment in fun ways!

Name: James
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Major: Environmental Sustainability
Interesting fact: I currently live in a small mining town named Morenci, Arizona.
Favorite sustainable living tip: Always re-think the waste you generate.
What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is someone who spreads awareness and educates people on sustainable living practices in everyday life.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I wanted to have the opportunity to work with people to help spread environmental awareness and practices around NAU.

Allen Hall

Eco Rep - Kristen M

Name: Kristen Morale
Hometown: Pittsford, Vermont
Major: Environmental and sustainability studies
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Eat and and cook with local food. This builds community relationships and puts your money back into the local economy. It encourages you to be creative with what and where you eat.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I think it is important for students to see and understand how easy it is to live more sustainably and understand how important it is.

Calderón Learning Community

Eco Rep - Kasey

Name: Kasey Kallevig
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major: Political Science
Interesting Fact: I love climbing trees barefoot
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Toilet paper rolls can be recycled--- WHAAAAT
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I love people and I want to educate everyone on why we should preserve our beautiful earth.

Campbell and Morton

Eco Rep - Hannah

Name: Hannah Parrish
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona
Major: International Affairs and French
Interesting Fact: I love to write and have kept a journal through most of my life!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Almost all of my clothes are thrifted. It helps the environment, is inexpensive, and I always end up finding unique clothing!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I wanted to be involved at NAU, to learn about how I can become more sustainable, and help others living on campus to do the same. I believe that we are all accountable for our own actions, and many people working towards a common goal can make a difference.

Campus Heights

Eco Rep - Christina G

Name: Christina Gunter
Hometown: Perry, Georgia
Major: Accountancy
Interesting Fact: I went to six different High Schools.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Turning the light off after you leave not only saves energy but also keeps the room cool on those hot summer days.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco Rep to show students that living sustainably is about the small efforts; recycling, turning lights off and unplugging appliances can make a tremendous difference!

Cowden Learning Community

Eco Rep - Angel

Name: Angel Claw
Hometown: Many Farms, AZ
Major: Public Health
Interesting Fact: Is in fandoms such as Gravity Falls, Hetalia-Axis Powers, FNAF, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, RWBY, The Walking Dead, and Rick & Morty. Basically, I love vocaloid, music, cloudy days, youtube, manga, comic books, anime, and cartoons.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Turn the lights off before you leave and are not using them. (It's really simple)
Why I became an Eco-Rep: To learn techniques that I could use in my life to help others, and Mother Nature.

Assistant EcoRep

Eco Rep - Rafael

Name: Rafael Martinez
Hometown: Douglas, AZ
Major: Environmental Studies
Interesting Fact: I am known to be a fan of Google. I know all about Google, and carry Google products with me, from my laptop to my phone, and watch.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: My sustainable is to use public transportation, ride a bike, or simply walk than rather using your car because it creates pollution.
Why I became an EcoRep: I became an EcoRep because I wanted to help people make sense that being sustainable is not only healthy for us and for those around, but also for the community, economy, and the environment as a whole.

Gabaldon Hall

Eco Rep - Laurel

Name: Laurel Fisher
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major: Undeclared
Interesting Fact: I love backpacking and hiking.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Cut disposable straws out of your everyday life to save thousands of pounds of plastic from going to the landfill!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I want learn about sustainability efforts at NAU, as well as affect positive change on our campus while getting more involved in our community here.

Assistant EcoRep

Name: Melanie Enciso


2015 Maria Eco Rep 

Name: Maria Granroth
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Major: Biology
Interesting Fact: I’ve fostered cats and kittens, and have a weak spot for all animals.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Instead of throwing out clothes that you don’t like, have holes, are too small/big/boring, make them over yourself or donate them! (All else fails, recycle the fabric!)
What is an Eco-Rep?: An Eco-Rep is someone who advocates for sustainability and the environment through peer education.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I grew up with a mother who constantly reinforces sustainable habits, I love to learn new ways to be sustainable myself, and I adore conversations about ideas, problems, and tips with my friends.

McConnell Hall

Eco Rep - Penny

Name: Penny Trunzo
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Major: International Affairs
Interesting Fact: My favorite thing to do in my free time is go outdoors and do yoga
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down! Each time you flush the toilet that’s a gallon and a half of water that was taken from our limited resources.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an EcoRep because I have a passion for the sustainability of our Earth and I want to do whatever I can so share that passion and spread awareness. There are so many easy little changes we can make to live more sustainably and I hope to inform you all about those things.

Assistant EcoRep

Eco Rep - Italya

Name: Italya Anaya
Hometown: Surprise, Arizona
Major: Park and Recreation Management with a minor in Biology
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Using cold water when you wash clothes! It helps your clothes last longer, it gets your clothes just as clean, and helps you save money!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: To help college students learn good habits that save money and help save our environment!

McDonald Hall

2015 Ryan Eco Rep

Name: Ryan Badertscher
Hometown: Amado, AZ
Major: History
Interesting Fact: I have worked for the National Park Service in the MMA and Archery clubs.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Contemplate your life somewhere other than the shower and use less water.
What is an Eco-Rep? Eco-Reps are assigned to each student housing complex here at NAU. We are a resource for the community we work in, by educating them about and helping them live sustainably.

McKay Village

Name: Erica Sanders
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Environmental Studies
Interesting Fact: I want to join the Peace Corps after college.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Using a reusable water bottle!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I am already very passionate about sustainability and making friends, so sharing my passion with other students is perfect for me.


Mountain View

2015 Sam Dionne

Name: Sam Dionne
Hometown: Bristol, CT
Major: Criminal Justice
Interesting Fact: I have 4 brothers and sisters.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Something as small as turning off the lights when you leave a room can help to make a big difference.
What is an Eco-Rep? I am someone who lives in your hall and helps to ensure that we are being as sustainable as possible during the year.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I feel that the amount of people who live in Mountain View and walk through here can help to make a big difference in being extremely sustainable and I want to learn how to make it more so.


2015 Kyra Eco Rep 

Name: Kyra M Johnson
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Major: Marketing
Interesting Fact: I have spent the last two summers as a camp counselor!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Print double-sided! It won’t change the amount of ink usage but will cut back on your paper consumption.
What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is an individual who serves as a resource to help encourage fellow residences to live more sustainably.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I enjoy working with a team to tackle issues that society faces and find new ways to correct them. Becoming an Eco-Rep allows me to positively impact the NAU campus as well as the Flagstaff community; assisting both to work towards a more sustainable future.

Pine Ridge Village

Eco Rep - Ashley

Name: Ashley Colby
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Major: Chemistry w/ an emphasis in forensics and criminalistics
Interesting Fact: I have an EMT certification
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use reusable grocery bags when going grocery shopping. Not only will you not have to worry about what to do with the plastic bags, they’re also more durable and fit more stuff. Making it easier to getting all the stuff to your apartment in one trip!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: To get involved with my residential community, and work with others to help the environment.


2015 Stella Carr

Name: Stella Carr
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Major: Environmental Studies
Interesting fact: I am on the bad jacks dance team.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Always turn off water when you aren't using it!
What is an Eco-Rep? An Eco-Rep is your helpful guide to living a more sustainable life in college. I can supply you with information to help learn new sustainable practices, and guidance for making changes to your every day life.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I wanted to start using the information I gain in class to work in a real life setting.

Reilly Hall

Eco Rep - Marley

Name: Marley Roberts
Hometown: Silverton, Colorado
Major: Early Childhood Education and Comparative Cultural Studies
Interesting Fact: My family owns a small organic farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Ditch the plastic! Skip the lid and straw, buy reusable canvas bags, and forgo the plastic water bottles!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: Our planet is declining rapidly and I believe it’s my duty to do whatever I can to slow this process. I strive everyday to have as little impact on the planet as possible. I want educate others on how to live sustainably because together we can make a real difference.

Assistant EcoRep

Name: Jason Agundez


Eco Rep - Kimberly

Name: Kimberly Ruddy-Breinholt
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Major: Biology
Interesting Fact: My favorite animal is a jellyfish
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: I like to find alternatives for cleaning supplies. I use a reusable cloth rag instead of paper towels or sponges. I also use vinegar as a substitute for cleaning chemicals.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help the people in my community make the earth a better place.



Eco Rep - Sabrina

Name: Sabrina Tate
Hometown: Placerville, California
Major: Elementary Education
Interesting Fact: I love running, camping, hiking, and napping.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Reuse as much as possible! I love buying my clothes from thrift stores because it is better for the environment and makes shopping fun.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about the environment and I want to learn how to be more sustainable. I value sustainable practices and believe that educating people about the environment is the best way to make a change.

Assistant EcoRep

Name: Mitch Magnuson

South Village

Eco Rep - Erika

Name: Erika Bert
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Major: Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Interesting Fact: I have traveled to 13 states by car.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Buy used items. Thrifting is simple and you can find name brand items often brand new or in perfect working condition for really low prices while saving money and the planet!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to help people realize that sustainable living is an obtainable goal. And to remind people that living sustainably starts small. I wanted to connect with people and help them understand the little ways they can help the planet while helping themselves.


Eco Rep - Micah

Name: Micah Mason
Hometown: Haleiwa, Oahu
Major: Psychology
Interesting Fact: I’m lifeguard and scuba certified!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Create a shopping list prior to going to the grocery store to reduce impulse purchases and to maximize your funds.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep because I like to communicate with others about important issues and because I enjoy tackling creative projects.


Eco Rep - Mackenzie

Name: Mackenzie Gargano
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Major: Environmental Science
Interesting Fact: I love the outdoors and traveling with my dog!
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs! This is one of my favorite sustainable living tips because it is easy to do, can save money, and is a great way to minimize waste.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I have a passion for education and the environment, this position gives me the opportunity to combine the two.

Assistant EcoRep

Eco Rep - Shaelin

Name: Shaelin Wood
Hometown: Sedona, AZ
Major: Environmental & Sustainability Studies (BA)
Interesting Fact: I wish to trek the globe in search of volunteering opportunities and unique cultures. I am happiest when doing something for the greater good.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Reduce, reuse, recycle. It may be cliché but it holds true! The greatest impact can be made from little changes within your home environment.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I became an Eco-Rep to inform my peers about the importance of living with the environment in mind. As well as to collaborate with those who are passionate about the Earth.

Wilson Hall

Eco Rep - Becky

Name: Becky Sotomayor
Hometown: Pinetop, AZ
Major: Chemistry
Interesting Fact: I am deaf in one ear
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: If you don’t wash your hair every day, you will save on water!
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I love teaching and helping others so I did this to help educate my peers on the environment.

Assistant EcoRep

Eco Rep - Madison

Name: Madison Kern
Hometown: Hood River, Oregon
Major: Elementary and Special Education
Interesting Fact: Madison enjoys long walks preferably on the beach and dabbles in many sports, mostly aquatic. Madison is a professional napper and enjoys doing arts and crafts.
Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Grow your own food. It’s like making your own money. If you're a baller on a budget this tip can change your life.
Why I became an Eco-Rep: I want to help educate people on the importance of caring for sweet mother nature and spread knowledge about living a greener life.