Current & Past Eco-Rep Testimonials

“I became an Eco-Rep because I am passionate about environmental conservation, and I think that more people would be green if they only knew how, so I am here to help that process.”

Jessica Garcia, former Aspen Crossing Eco-Rep 

“I think being more sustainable is such an easy goal for people to have and achieve, and I want to be the one to show everyone how they can do it, and have fun in the process!”

Taylor Welson, former McConnell Eco-Rep

“I was able to build my leadership and teaching skills by promoting these ideas to others.”

Emma Frey, returning Eco-Rep

“I was able to gain more confidence in a leadership role.”

Taylor Welson, former EcoRA

“I feel that I learned how to talk to people better about how to become more sustainable. Before I was worried about talking to people, but now I feel more confident.”

Alana Weber, returning Eco-Rep

“I learned a lot about sustainability… and I met a lot of awesome people.”

Kelsey Ballard,returning Eco-Rep

“I am much more involved in my hall…”

Savannah Brewer, returning Eco-Rep

“I learned how to do programming, and I improved my leadership and communication skills… My participation in this program helped me stick to my sustainable lifestyle.”

Becky Baracco, former Eco-Rep