What you need to know

student with his parents

We understand the important role that parents and family play in the success of college students. Use the information below to stay in the loop. 

Housing priorities

Housing and Residence Life at Northern Arizona University is committed to providing an exceptional residential experience for students who live in our residence halls and campus apartments. The facilities, programs and services offered are designed to support our departmental mission "to provide welcoming vibrant communities that foster personal growth and enhance the student experience.”  

New incoming freshmen and current freshmen who live on campus are given priority for on-campus housing. This ensures students are provided with a supportive environment and access to the resources that are known to improve student success in the early years of college. Limited space is available to juniors and seniors after freshmen and sophomores have been accommodated on campus.

The university houses over 7,600 students in a variety of accommodations. Our residence halls include traditional-style halls, suite-style halls, and apartments. Numerous amenities make campus living convenient and cost-effective.

Benefits of living on campus

Research shows that the benefits of the on-campus residential experience have the greatest impact on first-year students, directly helping them transition from living at home to university life. Second-year students benefit from the continued stability of campus residential life to support their academic and social development. Upper-division students typically gain more independence and experience navigating the college environment as they progress through their college career, and are therefore better prepared to live off campus than freshmen and sophomores.  

Studies show that students who live on campus have:

  • a greater connection to the university
  • higher retention rates
  • faster graduation rates

Requesting your student’s records

While we make every effort to provide information, release of your student’s records may be restricted by the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law prevents the university from disclosing specific educational records to anyone but the student.

Sending mail to your students

Visit the Northern Arizona University Post Office page for information on sending mail to your students. 

Residence Hall Front Desk Numbers


Residence Hall         Phone Number
Calderón Learning Community523-3696
Campus Heights523-4272
McKay Village864-1400
Mountain View523-1555
Pine Ridge Village864-1000
South Village523-7974
Tinsley     523-3262