Second Year Experience

The Second Year Experience (SYE) program allows sophomores to stay connected and be successful in their second year of college.  

The sophomore year can see many challenges that you may have experienced as a freshman, but in the second year they become more intense. During this “sophomore slump”, the newness and excitement of college has worn away, and students feel the weight of what lies ahead - three more years of hard work, papers, exams, and a large financial investment to obtain a college degree. 

SYE helps you overcome this by providing:

  • special programming 
  • individual outreach
  • important resources designed specifically for second-year student success.

SYE is housed in: 

There is no special application required to be part of SYE. All residents of the halls listed above are eligible to participate in SYE events and opportunities. Please contact your residence hall staff about activities within your community!