Forestry Learning Community

Forestry RLC

The purpose of the Forestry “Tree House” Residential Learning Community is for you and other RLC students to build a community of future foresters dedicated to sharing common academic and extra-curricular interests. By participating in this RLC, you will get a head start on getting to know other forestry students and professors outside of the classroom setting. You will also be invited to participate in the Forestry Club, Timber Sports, and professional development opportunities, and enjoy being introduced to NAU’s 50,000 acre Centennial Forest.

What is a Residential Learning Community?
It is an awesome opportunity to live in a freshman hall with other students (20-30) who share your academic major or interests. You will be able to attend social and academic programs together, interact with faculty outside of the classroom, and get to know an upper division Community Mentor (student) who shares your major or career path.
What are Common Courses?

By participating in the Residential Learning Community program you benefit from taking one or two classes with others in your community. These “courses in common” allow you to attend class with other RLC members and form study groups around those classes. For this RLC, those courses include:

Fall semester:

  • FOR 101 – Forestry Introduction: This course introduces students to the subject areas and career opportunities in forestry. Students will get exposure to the sub-disciplines of forestry through our Forestry Certificates, as well as meet other faculty, and get their first look at our 50,000 acre Centennial Forest during several field trips
  • ENG 105 – Critical Reading and Writing in the University Community: This course assists students in acquiring writing skills for completing university coursework.
Spring Semester:
  • FOR 215 – Writing in Forestry: This course provides an overview of and training in types of writing expected of students in the professional forestry program: technical synthesis papers, laboratory reports, memos, professional opinion pieces, and management plans.
  • FOR 218 – Professional Development: The Professional Development course is designed to foster professional development in forestry majors while preparing them for the job search. Students will evaluate their current skill set, and identify skills that may be absent but necessary to attain during undergraduate studies via paid work experience, volunteer work, and coursework. Students learn how to complete a succinct, professional résumé, a cover letter, and list of references, and will gain interview experience by meeting with local employers in a mock interview setting.
Why do I want to participate in an RLC?
Over and over again, we hear from our RLC students that being a part of the RLC program helped them find future friends and experience a smoother transition to college their freshmen year. By participating in an RLC, you will learn about campus resources and become more involved in your university experience. And this involvement has consistently led to RLC students remaining at the university in greater numbers, and more RLC students successfully graduating from the university.
How do I sign up?
Simply select your preferred Residential Learning Community on your online housing application. If you qualify for and are selected to participate in that RLC, we will assist you by placing you within the RLC of your choice in a freshman hall, and matching you with a roommate within that same RLC. That’s it! You can relax knowing your housing space and roommate selection are being taken care of for you.