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    New Evidence Supports Theory of Cosmic Impact and ExtinctionResearch News | 7/20/2012

    An international team of researchers has discovered new evidence that a cosmic impact may have coincided with the extinction of mammoths and giant ground sloths....

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    Huntzinger Wins Award to Reduce the Cement Industry’s C02 Emissions Research News | 7/20/2012

    Deborah Huntzinger, Assistant Professor of Climate Sciences at Northern Arizona University, was recently named a 2012 Bisgrove Scholar award winner by Science Foundation...

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    Study of Feeding Behaviors in the SouthwestResearch News | 7/20/2012

    A study detailing the feeding behaviors of four species of fish found in the Colorado River and its tributaries uncovered a few surprises and opened new insights to the...

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    NSF Grant to Make Arthropod Collections More AccessibleResearch News | 5/2/2012

    A three-year, $1.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation will fund the creation of an integrated online library of Southwestern species that make up as much as...

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