• asteroid ag 6 2014
    Heat-Sensitive Infrared Sheds New Light on AsteroidsResearch News | 6/30/2014

    Astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have measured the size of an asteroid candidate for NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM). ARM is a proposed...

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  • groshawk ag
    A Way to Balance Forest Restoration and Species ConservationResearch News | 6/23/2014

    Recently published research highlights how trade-offs between forest restoration and species conservation can be balanced using science and strong partnerships...

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  • TGen and NAU ag
    TGen and NAU Celebrate Research Agreement and PatentResearch News | 6/20/2014

    Northern Arizona University (NAU) and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) announced a five-year agreement to promote innovation and quality research that...

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  • forest restoration ag
    Hydrologic Systems and Forest RestorationResearch News | 6/12/2014

    Many scientists say intense wildfires, like the Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon, underscore the urgency for forest restoration. Hydrogeologist Abe Springer studies how...

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