• AlterG treadmill ag
    NAU Researchers Study the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill Research News | 4/17/2014

    Stepping into the opening of a deflated rubber tent that is mounted on a large treadmill does not inspire thoughts of speed or efficiency, let alone balance. But when the...

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  • garter snake ag
    New NAU App for Tracking Garter SnakesResearch News | 4/2/2014

    NAU has launched a new app to track garter snakes ( Noelle Fletcher, an NAU graduate student in Environmental...

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  • SciVal ag
    SciVal Experts: Finding Research Expertise Across Arizona’s Higher Education ExpertiseResearch News | 3/21/2014

    The Arizona research community now has access to SciVal Experts, an online research database that is expected to facilitate collaboration across the three public Arizona...

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  • water ag
    NAU Faculty Members Publish Book on Overlooked Values in Water ManagementResearch News | 3/17/2014

    Kira Artemis Russo, NAU instructor in the School of Communication, and Zachary Smith, NAU Regents’ Professor of Politics and International Affairs, recently published What...

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  • skunks ag
    Early Cases of Rabies Are Showing Up in Skunks Research News | 2/28/2014

    The unusually mild winter is fueling a rabies outbreak among skunks in southern Arizona, and one expert said it’s only a matter of time before the problem begins in...

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  • Prof. Tao
    Solar Expert to Discuss Solar Industry Challenges, OpportunitiesResearch News | 2/10/2014

    Meng Tao, a professor of electrical engineering for the Laboratory for Terawatt Photovoltaics at Arizona State University, will kick off NAU’s spring Engineering Seminar...

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  • exercise study ag
    Participants Sought for Research on Exercise and AgingResearch News | 2/4/2014

    Men and women older than 50 are invited to participate in two studies being conducted by Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Tinna Traustadottir in her exercise physiology...

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  • Telescope ag
    More Observation Time for NAU at Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel TelescopeResearch News | 1/21/2014

    Northern Arizona University has become a formal partner in Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel Telescope. The five-year partnership, beginning January 2014, will give...

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  • microbe traders ag
    Research Shows Microbes Are Savvy TradersResearch News | 1/16/2014

    A closer look at microbes reveals there is big business going on in their very small world, and sometimes we are part of the transaction.An international team of...

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  • concussion ag
    NAU Researchers Study Lingering Effects of Athletic ConcussionsResearch News | 1/10/2014

    After a concussion, a college athlete’s rush to return to the field raises questions of game-time performance and safety, but the lingering effects might just show up in...

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