SciVal Experts: Finding Research Expertise Across Arizona’s Higher Education Expertise

SciVal 225 Clara

The Arizona research community now has access to SciVal Experts, an online research database that is expected to facilitate collaboration across the three public Arizona universities and between the three universities and the private sector. The tri-university ( and NAU-specific ( research catalogs were funded by the Arizona Board of Regents and the Arizona Commerce Authority earlier this year.

“SciVal will allow the universities opportunities to build cross-disciplinary teams, not only within any university, but also across all three universities,” said Vice President for Research William Grabe. Provost Laura Huenneke also sees potential in the new platform. “We’ve seen how challenging it can be to pull together cross-university teams of collaborators.  This new system tackles that problem directly."

SciVal Experts mines data from the Scopus dataset to present a variety of publishing trends across the Arizona university system, colleges, departments, or research centers and institutions. Each expert profile provides information about the researcher’s recent publications, most frequent coauthors, and preferred journals for publications. In addition to browsing by department or institution, interested parties can search the user-friendly database for relevant researcher profiles by concept, last name, or free text (i.e., abstracts of journals, book chapters, or funding announcements).

“The SciVal approach has the potential to take all kinds of scholarly works – including books or monographs – and incorporate indicators of intellectual capacity in non-science fields as well,” said Huenneke. “All three university provosts hope that we can figure out how to extend this system soon."

Anyone with an internet connection can access SciVal Experts to access the information across all three state universities.

Because of the limited number of "slots" to be shared between the three universities, not all NAU faculty can be included in SciVal at this time.  However, NAU faculty with existing profiles are encouraged to create accounts in order to update their expert profiles with relevant information (such as research interests and CVs) to increase the efficiency of the system.

If you have questions about SciVal Experts or profile eligibility, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Research at (928) 523-4340.