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  • The Student Microbiome Project ag
    The Student Microbiome ProjectFeatured Story | 5/6/2013

    “You may or may not know, but there are 10 times as many bacterial cells that live in your body as there are human cells,” says Greg Caporaso, Assistant Professor in...

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  • Post-docs 145
    New Research Training Program Brings Post-Doc Expertise to NAUResearch News | 5/6/2013

    More than a dozen new post-doctoral scholars (Post-docs) have arrived at Northern Arizona University (NAU) this spring. Most of the Post-docs are from research universities...

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  • blood pressure ag
    Undergraduate research at NAUResearch Video | 5/1/2013

    Undergraduate Research at NAU: Blood pressure and hormones...

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  • chasing ag
    Chasing Doctor Dolittle: The Minutes of a Meeting of Minds Featured Story | 5/1/2013

    In several books by Hugh Lofting, the character Dr. John Dolittle learns the languages of animals. He goes on many adventures aided by his animal friends. As is often the...

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  • Climate 145
    Latest Study Reconstructs Earth’s Climate History: Temperatures Varied by RegionResearch News | 4/30/2013

    As climate studies saturate scientific journals and mainstream media, with opposing viewpoints quickly squaring off in reaction and debate, new findings can easily be lost...

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  • saipan ag
    NAU Students’ Field Experience in Saipan Featured Story | 3/12/2013

    An island at a cultural and biological crossroads is emerging as a place of fieldwork opportunity for Northern Arizona University (NAU) students. In the lush jungles and...

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  • cedar mitchell ag
    Undergraduate research at NAUResearch Video | 3/5/2013

    Undergraduate research at NAU: Cedar Mitchell...

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  • asteroid ag
    NAU Professor Helps Plan Conference on Asteroid Research in FlagstaffResearch News | 2/13/2013

    The International Academy of Astronautics will hold its third International Planetary Defense Conference “Gathering for Impact!” on April 15 through 19, 2013, at the High...

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  • Foster ag
    Jeff Foster: Tracking PathogensResearch Profiles | 2/12/2013

    Jeff Foster, PhD Associate Director, NAU Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics (MGGen)Research Assistant Professor of Biological SciencesCollege of Engineering,...

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  • white nose ag
    NAU’S MGGen Lab Tracks Lethal Bat FungusFeatured Story | 2/12/2013

    In the eastern United States and Canada bats have been dying by the hundreds of thousands—a result of a fungal disease called white-nose syndrome (WNS) caused by the...

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