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  • alaska coring begins ag
    NAU Research Team Coring an Arctic Lake: 4 hours in 4 minutesResearch Video | 4/9/2014

    NAU Researchers Core an Arctic Lake: 4 hours in 4 minutes...

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  • garter snake ag
    New NAU App for Tracking Garter SnakesResearch News | 4/2/2014

    NAU has launched a new app to track garter snakes ( Noelle Fletcher, an NAU graduate student in Environmental...

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  • cluster new ag
    High-Performance Computing Cluster ‘Monsoon’ to Boost NAU’s Research Capacity Featured Story | 3/31/2014

    The Office of the Vice President for Research has announced the availability of a new high-performance computing cluster to the NAU research community. Named Monsoon, the...

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  • Darrell Kaufman ag
    Darrell Kaufman: Taking the Long View of Climate ChangeResearch Profiles | 3/25/2014

    Regents’ ProfessorSchool of Earth Sciences and Environmental SustainabilityDirector, NAU Amino Acid Geochronology LaboratoryCo-editor, Quaternary GeochronologyDarrell...

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  • SciVal ag
    SciVal Experts: Finding Research Expertise Across Arizona’s Higher Education ExpertiseResearch News | 3/21/2014

    The Arizona research community now has access to SciVal Experts, an online research database that is expected to facilitate collaboration across the three public Arizona...

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  • Antarctica ag
    NAU Biologist Confirms There Are Microorganisms Native to AntarcticaFeatured Story | 3/18/2014

    Imagine being able to hold an entire ecosystem in the palm of your hand. There are only a small number of places on Earth where this is possible—Antarctica is one of...

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  • water ag
    NAU Faculty Members Publish Book on Overlooked Values in Water ManagementResearch News | 3/17/2014

    Kira Artemis Russo, NAU instructor in the School of Communication, and Zachary Smith, NAU Regents’ Professor of Politics and International Affairs, recently published What...

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  • bird with backpack ag
    Energy Harvesting Merges Engineering and BiologyFeatured Story | 2/13/2014

    A bird flapping its wings or a fish’s deep dive may be pictures of nature in action, but in their elegant simplicity Michael Shafer sees the complex challenges of merging...

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  • microbe traders ag
    Research Shows Microbes Are Savvy TradersResearch News | 1/16/2014

    A closer look at microbes reveals there is big business going on in their very small world, and sometimes we are part of the transaction.An international team of...

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  • rabies ag
    Humans Could Be Contributing to Rabies OutbreaksFeatured Story | 1/13/2014

    People in urban areas are creating conditions for skunks to live in close proximity to one another, leading to more interaction not only with themselves and other...

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