THRIVE (Translational Health Research Initiative) is a formal partnership between Northern Arizona University and Northern Arizona Healthcare to facilitate integrated collaborative research efforts that build strong biomedical, behavioral, and cultural health research initiatives for the diverse populations  of Northern Arizona in primary areas such as population health, health disparities research, translational medicine, biomarkers research, clinical practices and intervention research, health informatics, behavioral medicine, and ecological health.  

AZ Biosciences Roadmap

The THRIVE partnership supports the Arizona Biosciences roadmap and the emerging ABOR strategic plan for the development of a sustainable biomedical industry in Arizona. The primary THRIVE research goals are outcome-oriented, evidence based, and focused on improving clinical, behavioral, and population health management by integrating the resources and research efforts of both partners. 

THRIVE Project Proposal Process

The THRIVE steering committee will delegate the THRIVE proposal review process to a project screening sub-committee.  The sub-committee will be composed of Steve Lewis and Mark Carroll, on the NAH side, and Robert Trotter and an ad hoc science reviewer on the NAU side.  The primary goal of the sub-committee will be to review any requested collaborative research project that would fall within the basic THRIVE framework. Those projects that are accepted would be provided with general grant development and submission support from either NAH or NAU, as appropriate, and would be identified as THRIVE associated projects.