Library Guide and Resources

As a part of the general HRI (Health Research Initiatives) and the THRIVE partnership resources, Cline Library is offering two very critical resources to faculty and staff who are seeking external funding.

Literature Review, Bibliographic Search Support, Knowledge Base Support

Librarians will provide support for targeted literature and knowledge base review at both the beginning and the late stages of grant development. Early support includes assistance with a thorough scan of available literature, in preparation for the basic grant development. Late stage support is a highly targeted review of the literature cited section of a grant proposal to ensure nothing major has been missed. Librarians can also help you document search strategies, if that is required.

Data Management Plan Review

Most federal grants require a data safety and monitoring plan, as well as a data management plan. The library can help you develop a data management plan, using standard templates and language, for those sections of federal grants. The library can also help you identify appropriate data repositories to store and archive your data when that is a compliance requirement. Cline Library is in the process of developing an institutional repository, which will provide archiving and public access to research reports, publications, and data sets. Librarians can help you plan for all of these compliance requirements during the grant development process.  

If you would like to discuss or request support for either of these resources, please contact:

Amy Hughes
Academic Programs Librarian
Cline Library